Tips to speed ​​up the operation of an old smartphone

The duration of use of the smartphone, the number of installed applications, and other factors can cause the device to slow down—advice to improve and speed up old smartphones’ functioning.

The operation of smartphones can be affected depending on several factors, such as their duration, processor, or battery. Some tips that can help give your old smartphones a second life.

Thus, before any purchase of a new smartphone, it is advisable in the first place to remove the applications that are not often used. While, on average, a user has a hundred apps, he really only uses about twenty, the ones that are left just take up space and take time for updates.

Some experts also recommended to give up the screen animations. This can facilitate the operation of the processor.

You can also deactivate geolocation and GPS so as not to exhaust the reserves of the smartphone. If you need it, activate it when using a program.

If your smartphone no longer works

It is necessary to restore factory settings if your smartphone does not work. And to point out that before proceeding to this step, it is required to backup or save a reserve copy on a hard disk or computer.

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