Top 10 countries where the most handsome men living

Have you ever wonder about the country with the most handsome men? If so, in the list below, we try our best to compile the list of countries with attractive men.

There can be a great many reasons why a girl will look for love abroad: the desire to leave their hateful region quickly, the desire to see the world and get acquainted with another culture, the dream of living in a warmer and more prosperous country, and a hundred more similar reasons. But some pursue much more mundane goals and vision of just meeting attractive and looking after their appearance men, but in such numbers that, alas, everyone is not enough.

At the same time, not all women agree with the statement that a man is “any good, if only he were” and do not intend to put up with the presence of a gentleman nearby, more reminiscent of a shapeless sack of potatoes.

One can argue a lot about the degree of male attractiveness: someone believes that they are no worse than foreigners, and maybe even better. Someone has the opposite opinion and prefers to look for a soul mate among foreigners.


Here you will not find liquid mouse-colored hair and whitish eyelashes, only dark-haired well-built guys. Israel men are known as wonderful family men, so your joint children will not only be beautiful but also reliably protected from all adversity. Another trump card, as a rule, is a good upbringing and respect for a woman as a person.


It is impossible to argue with the statement that there are many Italians among the most beautiful men in the world. Known for their femme fatale and perfect sense of style, these coolly dressed guys have the charm and wit to disarm any woman. They are also known as some of the best lovers, remember at least Casanova. If this is not enough for you, Italians are famous for their love of beautiful romantic gestures.



Every girl wants to be told about love in French. The French are the guys who invented romance. What could be more lovely than enjoying your honeymoon in the city of love? Men in France dress beautifully, you can learn from them the art of elegantly wearing even the simplest things, and delicate facial features framed by black curls will not leave any girl indifferent.



If you like hot Latin American guys, then sultry Cubans will be to your taste. Tanned dark skin, expressive eyes, and a gorgeous physique will surely make you turn around, so if you love everything hot and passionate, then strolling through the streets of Old Havana will be a great idea. Cubans also dance beautifully, so it will not be boring with them. Among other advantages, they are excellent cooks and do not hesitate to stand at the stove to pamper their beloved girl with goodies.


In addition to their visual appeal, men from the United States distinguish by their friendliness with a positive attitude towards life. These are the guys from Hollywood movies, only in real life. You can find yourself a man of absolutely any type of appearance in America with any skin color and eye shape. Boys from mixed families can be beautiful when they reflect all the virtues of their parents’ races.


At first glance, German men may seem intimidatingly correct, but chiseled facial features, muscular shoulders, and a strange obsession with punctuality make them even more attractive. They are always impeccably dressed: no stains on their clothes, ill-fitting jackets, and crumpled T-shirts will make you an eyesore during a date, for which a German, by the way, will not be late.


Hot Spanish macho has already become a proverb. Dark-haired, with dark skin and velvety charcoal eyes, they drive crazy all tourists who not use to such beauty and fiery temperament at home. They are not very tall, but they more than compensate for this feature with a relief body.


There are many Japanese among the popular catwalk models. These guys are obsessed with their looks and fashion. Here you will find men following the latest trends. It is also prevalent among the Japanese to lead a healthy lifestyle and adhere to proper nutrition, so you are unlikely to come across as the owner of a flabby body. Rich spiritual development and excellent manners will be a pleasant bonus to external attractiveness.


Men from this country are generally tanned, blonde, and very athletic. Spend the weekend watching them play various sports, from their favorite cricket or rowing to surfing. It is customary to spend free time here for active activities in the fresh air under the gentle Australian sun. Thanks to such leisure, local guys can boast of fit and slender bodies, and you may want to admire them regularly.


Tall, athletic descendants of the Vikings with steel eyes break girls’ hearts all over the world. Most Norwegians look like they have just stepped out of the pages of glossy magazines. They are perfectly aware of their attractiveness; they nevertheless pretend that they are unaware of her because of their inner modesty. So girls go to this Scandinavian country to admire the picturesque fjords and local men, and it not known which of the attractions attracts more tourists.

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