Top 10 richest men in Senegal

The Republic of Senegal is a country in West Africa with many wealthy men. Among these, some stand out even more by their very significant financial assets.

Ranging from the richest, Serigne Mboup, with an estimated net worth of $721 million to Kabirou Mbodje; an estimated $288 million. Discover in this article the top 10 richest men in Senegal.

1. Serigne Mboup; estimated $721 million

Serigne Mboup
Serigne Mboup – ©SenePlus

The CEO of the CCBM group, a Senegalese benchmark in trade and industry, has a fortune estimated at CFAF 400 billion. Being an atypical character in the business world, he likes to be noticed by his original ideas.

2. Abdoulaye Diao; estimated $710 million

Abdoulaye Diao
Abdoulaye Diao – ©Kapital Afrik

The CEO of the company ITOC, which specialized in the oil sector, is considered the leader in this sector in Senegal.

Active in the field of hydrocarbons, it controls the country’s gas supply market. The engineer is known for his culture, intelligence and his generosity is also very involved in the social in his country.

3. Oumar Sow; estimated $637 million

Oumar Sow
Oumar Sow -©Jeune Afrique

Oumar Sow made his entry into the pantheon of the richest men in Senegal, following his father. The son of the Senegalese entrepreneur Aliou Sow inherited the latter’s heritage when he died in 2017.

Therefore, he is at the head of the company CSE, active in the field of construction and civil engineering.

4. Mohammed Choubassi & Family; estimated $637 million

He represents the discreet Lebanese family, which holds great power over the distribution of agro-food products in the country through the SOFIEX company.

They are also active in the brewing sector with the company SEBO.

5. Youssef Omais; estimated $546 million

Youssef Omais
Youssef Omais -©patisen

The head of the country’s agri-food sector with his company PATISEN is a leading economic player. He is part of the circle of the few entrepreneurs in the country who succeed in competing harshly with large multinationals like Nestle and Danone.

6. Moustapha Ndiaye; estimated $546 million

It is the country’s leading importer of rice, with a turnover of over 200 billion FCFA. Being unknown to the public, he is a great trader who combines simplicity with it.

7. Yerim Sow; estimated $500 million

Yerim Sow
Yerim Sow – ©Afrika News

Yerim Sow is the owner of the Teyliom Group, an investment company with an extensive portfolio including the luxury hotels Radisson Blu Dakar, Noom, Seen and Yaas, and the commercial bank Bridge Bank. He also owns 7% of MTN Cote D’Ivoire.

Yerim Sow is the son of prominent Senegalese construction magnate Aliou Sow, who has passed away.

8. Mohamed, Muhyedine and Hassan Fares; estimated $364 million

The Fares family, which controls almost the entire mineral water market in the country with the Kirène brand, also owns the Siagro company, which is active in the agrifood sector.

9. Abdoulaye Dia; estimated $345.8 million

Abdoulaye Dia
Abdoulaye Dia – ©xalimasn

He is the CEO of the SENICO company, which distributes food products to stores across the country. Also known in politics, he holds the post of mayor in the north of the country. He is also active in the construction sector by building social housing in Bambilor.

10. Kabirou Mbodje; estimated $288 million

Kabirou Mbodje
Kabirou Mbodje – ©Detail News

The Senegalese entrepreneur is the founder and majority shareholder of Wari, the very popular money transfer service within the country and worldwide. His fortune is over $288 million.

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