Traffic code: Algerian motorist drags policeman tens of meters – Video

An Algerian traffic officer was seriously assaulted by a motorist who refused to comply. Hanging from his car door, the policeman was dragged for tens of meters before being pushed out. The scene was filmed by a “masked biker”, very active on social networks in Algeria.

Aggression can be found in the heart of Algiers. The scene takes place Sunday, March 21, in Hydra, a district located on the heights of Algiers, a few meters from the headquarters of the French Embassy. At a crossroads, a motorist refuses to turn right and commits the wrong way.

He is stopped by a traffic officer who forbids him to turn left. The motorist insists. He tries to justify his choice: “I have to take the analyzes of a patient who is in the surgical unit”.

Masked biker

But the argument does not convince the policeman who orders him to reverse. Suddenly, the motorist takes off with a bang. The officer clings to the door and is dragged several meters. The scene has been filmed from the start by “le motard el makhfi”, very active on social networks and whose identity no one knows.

Onboard his motorbike, he travels through the streets of Algiers to capture on-the-spot traffic violations committed by users, especially young people on scooters.

While chasing the assailant’s car, he films the moment when the agent lets go and collapses on the asphalt. The biker gives the alert to the police officers on duty in front of one of the French Embassy portals, who end up stopping the driver.

A security source revealed that the victim is doing well. “The situation could have been dramatic if a car was traveling in the opposite direction. As for the motorist, he was handed to the public prosecutor,” indicated the source.

The individual is expected to be prosecuted for assaulting a law enforcement officer performing his duties and for hit and run.

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