Trump gets hit on hacked US government site: “Hard revenge”

Hackers took over a U.S. government website yesterday. Officially it is not clear who is behind the attack, but on the website of the Federal Depository Library Program (FDPL) pro-Iranian and anti-American reporting could be seen for a while.

On the FDPL site, documents and information from the federal government are made available to the public. Americans who surfed to the website last night were shown a picture of President Donald Trump bleeding from his mouth by a punch from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Iran’s military elite corps.

“This is a message from the Islamic Republic of Iran,” said the photo. And also: “We will not stop supporting our friends in the region: the oppressed people in Palestine, the oppressed people in Yemen, the people and the Syrian government, the people and the government of Iraq, the oppressed people in Bahrain, the true resistance of the Mujahedin (fighters, ed.) in Lebanon and Palestine. They always will be supported by us.”

Trump gets hit on hacked US government site: “Hard revenge”

The text appeared in three languages: Arabic, Persian (the official language of Iran, ed.) and English. Beneath the edited image of Trump, there was a warning. “This is only a small part of Iran’s cyber capability!” Followed by: “we’re always ready” and “to be continues…”

After the hacking was discovered, the web address of the Federal Depository Library Program went offline. A spokesperson for the U.S. Government Publishing Office, which manages the FDPL, confirms that “a break-in was observed on the FDPL site” and that the website was taken offline. “We are working with the competent authorities to investigate the matter,” Gary Somerset of the U.S. Publications Office responds to CNN.

The Cyber Security Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), a division of the US Department of Homeland Security, is also aware of the anti-American and pro-Iranian reporting on the FDLP website. It is not yet clear who is behind the attack. “There is currently no confirmation that this was an act by actors supported by the Iranian state,” emphasizes CISA spokeswoman Sara Sendek.

The US federal police service FBI did not want to respond.

Trump gets hit on hacked US government site: “Hard revenge”
© – The website has since been taken offline.

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