Trump or Biden: This US bakery predicted who win the elections 3 times in a row with their cookies

Managers Kathleen and Rob have had a few hectic weeks, the couple tells Fox News. It was their busiest year on record, a sign that the US presidential election left no one cold. Their Lochel’s Bakery opened in Hatboro, Pennsylvania, in 1984 and is known for its impressive wedding cakes, among other things. But when a new president is elected, Lochel’s makes headlines for a completely different reason: their’ political biscuits’ already correctly predicted the outcome of the election three times.

American Vogue visited Lochel’s on November 2, the day before Election Day. The Trump cookies are already sold out at that point. Too bad for the long queue of hungry people who have been waiting in front of the door since 6 in the morning.

The ‘battleground state’

Lochel’s came up with the idea for the political biscuits in 2008. That year the blue biscuit had ‘Obama’ and the red biscuit ‘McCain’. The Obama cookie flew out the door and look: he really won the election.

In 2012, Lochel’s does the stunt again, and even in 2016, when Hillary Clinton would win according to the polls, the Lochel’s cookies again correctly predicted that Trump would be allowed to claim the Oval Office.

Has the bakery been lucky three times, or has Lochel’s really found a genius way to predict Americans’ voting habits? Well, maybe the American love of sweets is in between.

And according to Vogue, the location of Lochel’s can also be an explanation for the special gift. Pennsylvania is known as an important ‘battleground state’: since 2008, the candidate who wins in that state can eventually call himself president.

Fairer in line for cookies

But it’s not just locals queuing up for the bakery, Vogue discovers. Americans travel to Lochel’s from all directions to enjoy their political preference in the form of a sugary biscuit. Many come from the neighboring states of New Jersey, Virginia, and Delaware, but Lochel’s also receives orders from the rest of the country.

Are this year – surprisingly enough? – the Trump cookies popular. While many polls indicate Biden as the winner, Vogue queuing for Lochel’s discovers why the results could turn out completely different.

Megan (32), like most, comes for a Trump cookie. She calls herself the ‘silent majority’. “If I confessed on social media that I voted for Trump, I would lose friends.” The same goes for mother-daughter duo Laurie (53) and Zoe (18), from New Jersey. “I can’t talk about it at school because everyone disagrees with me,” says Zoe.

“Do women from the American suburbs dare to be more honest about their political preferences in a row for cookies than on social media or in the polls?” Wonders the Vogue journalist. On the other hand, the fact that Trump voters so many buy a political cookie can also be explained by the fact that Eric Trump, Donald’s son, paid a visit to the bakery in mid-October. And a Biden fan laughs to reveal another possible explanation. “We are here! But some of us are on a keto diet. I shouldn’t be eating cookies right now. But to support Biden, I ignore my diet for a while.”

If we are to believe Lochel’s, Trump will definitely win the election. The bakery was found to have sold 5,750 cookies for Biden and 31,804 cookies for Trump at the final count. Once the official results are known, Lochel’s will make another ‘party cookie’ with the winner’s name. And after that, Pennsylvania will have to wait until 2024 for the next glazed election battle.

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