US media rock hard after chaotic debate: “Childish swearing”

The first election debate between US President Donald Trump and Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been received by the US media as a chaotic and hard fight.

Although US media has not unanimously declared a clear winner, all media points out that Trump did not stick to the pre-arranged agreements.

The New York Times reports that the debate mostly boiled down to Trump continuing to shout his Twitter feed at Biden.

Trump ‘got through the whole debate without telling the American people what he will do in a second term,’ the paper said.

Trump, who could have attacked Biden on his vulnerabilities, mainly showed himself from his worst side, according to the newspaper.

‘Trump regularly interrupted both Biden and Wallace (the debater), lashed out at Biden’s son, overpowered his speaking time, and ignored other rules,’ the Washington Post writes.

‘When asked if he was condemning racists, Trump declined.’ The Washington Post also emphasizes that Trump again raised baseless doubts about postal voting.

‘First presidential debate degenerates into chaos after Trump disrupts the evening with insults and interruptions’ can be read on CNN’s headlines on the website.

News channel NBC also emphasizes Trump’s disruptive behavior.

News channel Fox News, which is regularly on the president’s hand, describes the debate as “fiery” and states that the debate ‘degenerated into attacks on Hunter Biden and childish swearing.’

Hunter is Biden’s son. “When Trump went on the attack, Biden tried to silence him by calling the president a “clown” and a “liar”, Fox News said.

The news channel, also the moderator’s boss, Chris Wallace, points out that Wallace regularly rebuked the president for his disregard for the agreements made in advance. ‘The dyed-in-the-wool journalist often played the role of a wrestling referee rather than a moderator,’ Fox News explained.

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