US pressures UK to extradite Andrew for questioning

Prince Andrew is a suspect in the case of Ghislaine Maxwell, the right-hand man of a human trafficker and child abuser Jeffrey Epstein.

Investigators want to question Andrew about the things he saw at Epstein’s villa. There, underage girls would be forced to have s^x w ith much older men.

Since Andrew was very close friends with the convicted millionaire, it is suspected that he must have been aware of the shady practices that went on behind the scenes.

Ghislaine has so far refused to testify against Andrew, claiming she is innocent and knew nothing about Epstein’s girls. However, according to many witnesses, it would have been she who recruited girls for Epstein.

Epstein’s injuries “are more consistent with murder than suicide”
Jeff Epstein

Britain is now facing criticism from the US throughout the investigation. According to officials, the two countries have a close relationship in terms of legal assistance.

Prosecutors in the United States consider Andrew a suspect in the Jeffrey Epstein investigation, but investigators have so far been unable to speak with the Duke.

However, the US Department of Justice sent an MLA request to the UK Home Office last year to try and get Andrew’s cooperation. “The US and UK remain in close contact with many active cases on a daily basis and will continue to seek help in criminal cases as we provide similar assistance in return,” said a US government official.

Both the prince’s representative and the Interior Ministry declined to comment.

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