USA – Infanticide: Congolese kills two children for revenge (video)

Jean Pierre Ndossoka, is the name of the assassin father of Congolese origin, who violently ripped the life to his two children, 8-years and one year old.

According to The Houston Chronicle, the man went to the home of his ex-wife Sabine Ntongo a few days ago, the latter who had brought his wife to the United States and their two children could not stand the break with Sabine.

Sabine had set with another man and did not intend to reconsider his decision. A position of Sabine Ntongo that the man could not bear. In a rage, Jean Pierre Ndossoka went to his ex-wife’s home where he murdered their two children

Sabine Ntongo, in her thirties, is an inconsolable woman since she discovered the macabre scene in Houston.

On the crime scene, the police discovered a note that had been handwritten in French and a bloody knife near the bed where the children had died. In the note, Ndossoka revealed that he intended to die with his children and told his wife that she would take “the burden” of their souls.

But finally, Ndossoka did not have the courage to kill himself. He instead fled but he was caught up a few days after his lump at Clear Lake Regional, in a local hospital. Since he had shot himself with his foot, he wanted to be treated for that purpose.

During the interrogation, Ndossoka confessed to the murder of the two children, he admitted that he stabbed the children until they died.

Ndossoka also revealed the last words of his two children. Marcel (8 years old) who cried and told him, “Dad, I’m sorry “.

Anna-Belle, on the other hand, a year old, was content to cry until she was also murdered by the criminal father.

Accused of premeditated murder, Jean-Pierre Ndossoka faces the death penalty. Sabine Ntongo had been married to Jean-Pierre Ndossoka for six years and was recently separated.

Source: Afrikmag

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