Video shows how sheep “do the impossible” on vertical rock face walk up and down

An American biologist has shared images on Twitter of a herd of blue sheep descending an almost perpendicular rock face and climbing in the Valley of the Cats in China. A lot of viewers can’t stop talking about it when they see how the animals “do the impossible”.

The post was put online last week and has been viewed about 1.4 million times since then. The Valley of the Cats is located on the Tibetan Highlands and is known for its abundance of predators, including the lynx, the wolf, and the snow leopard.


The latter animal is the subject of a study by biologist Imogene Cancellare, who put the video online. “Blue sheep doing the impossible, per usual, in the Valley of the Cats, China,” she wrote with the images, which received quite a bit of reaction.

“This is awesome. My brain just can’t see which way is up,” it sounded, among other things. Someone else made a reference to the well-known animation series The Simpsons by talking about “spider sheep”. A reference to the “spider pig” of Homer Simpson.

Not everyone was convinced that the video was real. According to some, the image was just rotated, but there were immediate reactions to those pointing to the opposite.

image rotated to 90 degree

“Look at the clouds. If you turn the images on their side, they float upwards,” it sounded. And someone else pointed to the criticasters on the trees: “They grow upwards. If you turn the images on their side, they will grow to the side.”

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