Ways to deal with stuck thoughts in your head

An obsessive thought flew on the wings of panic. It flew, passed, and landed right in your head. Now you can’t eat, you can’t drink, you can’t sleep – you keep thinking. This thought does not go out of your head; it does not give any solution, the benefits are generally minuscule. Why did you start thinking about your past job or your future retirement? This is stupid! How to root out these bad thoughts? Let’s try to figure it out.

Don’t think about it, don’t provoke it

The first thing to do is to stop pondering it. The more you analyze it, the more firmly it becomes embedded in the depths of your brain. Even if you realize it is nonsense, try not to think about it. The only thing is: if the thought comes in the form of a question, you should answer it as soon as possible.

It will pass

Don’t worry; the obsessive thought lives on average for two to three days. So you can lock yourself in an empty room, waiting for it to evaporate to songs, Or live with this thought as a normal person, but observing the commandment of the first point: without analyzing and analyzing it.

You know, obsessive thoughts are like craving alcohol in the first years after the end of sobriety. At first, it is interesting; at first, it beckons and then abruptly disappears somewhere.

Live the present

The roots of your stuck thoughts most likely lie in the past (feelings of regret and other shit) or in the future (self-doubt, fear of the future, and no less shitty stuff). We are rarely obsessed with what is happening in the present because we are too keen on the future or reflect on the past.

Why is everyone jealous of people who live one day? Because they think more freely, and obsessive thoughts visit them less often. Why think and regret when there is a day that you would like to live sensibly.

Do something

The best way to get rid of idiotic thoughts is through hard work. When you work a lot, there is no time for nonsense and reflection. Choosing an easier occupation than writing a dissertation is advisable but more difficult than switching TV channels. Go and paint the walls with signs, burn patterns on Mom’s rolling pin, clean up after all.

Listen to your feelings

An effective way to tie your mind to the present is to focus on your feelings. Our five portals to help you feel this world – sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing – will help you with this. The main thing is to give them enough attention.

At that touching moment when a person close to you takes your hand in his, the only thing to do is to focus on the moment, to feel how precious and intimate it is. But you could have missed it because of your idiotic thoughts.

Think about something else

Replace your thought with something that does not evoke such strong emotions and does not eat into your head, like tick-borne encephalitis. The fact is that our head is a hive in which thoughts swarm. If one turned out to be corrosive and intrusive, then take the other.

Think about the birds, about the beautiful garden, about how the escalator sucks in. Finally, remember a song. Nothing sticks to memory better than primitive music.

Compare to life

Imagine that you started building a house. You drew up a project, coordinated it with architects, hired workers. So far, there is only enough money for the foundation and walls, but this is not scary because you work, you earn cash. The work is in full swing, but then knowledgeable comrades appear who begin to tell that your project is shit, the house will surely sag, it was necessary to do it differently. You chose a shitty site, the basement will be flooded, and you will generally be building for at least 20 years.

You believe these people. In the end, everyone agrees that you will not succeed, there will not be enough money, and if there is enough, then for a piece of shit with a roof. And now, you cease to believe that you will get something suitable. All that remains is either to stop listening to people or to attend and sell the land with unfinished construction.

Obsessive thoughts behave in much the same way as relatives: they interfere with doing something worthwhile. But it is foolish to give up a business in which you have invested a lot of time and effort just because of doubts. Therefore, chase these thoughts down your neck. These are all the tricks of Satan, who is trying to lead you astray.

Brain fantasies

Most likely, the obsessive thought was fabricated by your brain, which could not come up with anything interesting in real life, and therefore decided to be confused with fantasies. You are simply creating new priorities for yourself. So it would help if you did something with your life. And remember that any problem other than death is solvable.

Admit defeat

If nothing happens, if the thought does not disappear, then all that remains is to kneel, spread your arms to the sides and let it properly copulate with your brain. In the end, any thought sooner or later disappears, so be patient and wait it out.

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