What her clothes say about her

To a large extent, our outer world is reflected in our clothes, just as in our routines, activities, and hobbies. Discovering each person’s one-of-a-kind sense of style, shaped by their individual preferences and requirements, is an interesting area to look into. Psychologists believe that by examining the details of the interlocutor’s clothing, we can learn a lot about her.


What her clothes say about her

If you want to understand a woman’s personality better, pay attention to the most prominent colors in her clothes.

Dark clothes

Insecure girls often dress in the dark and are not fond of accessories. Moreover, the principle “what came to hand, then put it on” applies. Such ladies can be seen immediately: unkempt, messy hair, lack of jewellery. They appear very unpromising but often have great potential and do not notice that in the rhythm of modern life.


If a girl’s outfit is dominated by brown, including all its shades (from light milky to dark brown), then at the moment, she feels confident and makes informed decisions.


Black is the color of silence, or rather a “shout” to everyone around that a person wants to be in complete peace and loneliness.

White and yellow colors

Show that the girl has a well-developed imagination.


Red is the color of passion. Those that wear red know they’ll be noticed. Red lovers are decisive, active, and confident. They might also be distrustful and cause problems.

Pink, blue and green

Pink will tell that a person is bored and often remembers the beautiful past, and blue – thinks about the future.. Often, a lady who prefers this colour in clothes tries to be a leader but is not one. Blue is chosen by modest ladies who are prone to depression or a passive mood. Also, a woman who has chosen the color blue plans to start a new stage in her life, for example, change jobs, etc. The green color indicates a person’s perseverance and a woman’s desire to appear younger.

Designer clothes

What her clothes say about her

Some psychologists believe that if a person has a low income but still has a strong desire to wear only designer clothes, this implies that the person either has an unhealthy level of self-esteem or is trying to gain more attention from others. On the other hand, it does not matter whether these outfits were purchased from an upscale clothing boutique or a well-known second-hand shop; either option is acceptable.


Oversized clothing is one of the main trends of the last few years. It not only emphasizes that she follows fashion trends but also says something about her character.

There is an opinion that oversized clothes are most often worn by people who are not afraid to deviate from generally accepted norms, take risks and think outside the box. In this case, the reverse situation is also possible. For example, sometimes oversized is preferred by people who are unsure of themselves. In overalls, they try to hide not only their body but also their essence in principle.

Conservative in their style

What her clothes say about her

Even though some monotonous wardrobes may seem boring, the character of its owner deserves praise. It is believed that a girl whose wardrobe consists of clothes of approximately the same style and color scheme is well able to plan her life and is not afraid to take responsibility.

In addition, people who prefer boring clothes can maintain good spirits in any situation. They are distinguished by calmness and a sober view of things.

Trendy clothes

What her clothes say about her

The fashion industry is becoming increasingly active every year and forcing consumers to buy new clothes more often. At the same time, some models of blouses and dresses become obsolete so quickly that sometimes they remain hanging in the closet with a tag.

Trendy clothes are most often bought by those who are dependent on the opinions of others and want to get as much attention and approval from the outside as possible. At the same time, fans of trendy clothes can lose their individuality because the mass market focuses on the same fashion trends.

Of course, following fashion trends and using them in your wardrobe is worth it if you want to stay stylish. However, do not fall into dependence on momentary trends.

High hairstyles and clothes with shoulder pads

High hairstyles and clothes with shoulder pads

High hairstyles and shoulder pads are elements of style that allow you to make the figure more stately visually. Psychologists believe that their connoisseurs are people who either want to hide their low self-esteem or consider it essential to look noble in the eyes of others.

By the way, some women unconsciously choose high hairstyles to increase their social status or significance.

Elegant style

High hairstyles and clothes with shoulder pads

They often have an exaggerated sense of tact, distrust others, and make excessive demands on them.

In addition, connoisseurs of elegant clothing often see the world in a rather illusory way. They can perceive even the most insignificant defeats as a collapse and come to their senses for a long time.

Sweatshirts with deep cuts, translucent clothes, bareback

Sometimes such clothes indicate that she has low self-esteem.

Of course, as in other cases, there are exceptions to this. For example, we are talking about stars who are supposed to look bright, or about special occasions like a party. But if your wardrobe consists of rather revealing clothes, you should consider why you choose them.



They are a regular part of the lifestyle for most of us. It simply denotes one has spent less time dressing well, whereas it’s just the sneakers that amp up the entire outfit. Sneakers denote a young, cheerful, and casual personality and eventually compliments every outfit.

High hairstyles and clothes with shoulder pads


Boots reflect a classy, stylish and powerful personality. One cannot go wrong with boots on their foot. Boots do not get along with all types of clothing. You need to wear a formal or semi-formal outfit to compliment a boot. Women look more empowered and extraordinarily and more fashionable with boots.


High hairstyles and clothes with shoulder pads
Young beautiful woman is wearing high heel sandals

Show that a woman can easily defend her opinion; you should not get involved in disputes with such a person. To find a soft and gentle girl who can easily adapt to a man’s character, you need to pay attention to the ladies who prefer low wedge shoes.


The person who prefers slippers for their feet has the exact personality. They are simple, friendly, and less judgmental about others. They do not wish to invest their time and energy into tying the shoelaces; instead, they are more practical and productive in life.

Women who are prone to depression choose shoes similar to men’s. It’s easy to talk to girls in sneakers, but remembering that these people don’t like change is worth remembering.

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