What men are afraid to hear from a woman

If you want a long and happy relationship with a man, you cannot say certain phrases to him. It turns out that the stronger s^x is afraid to hear certain words from women.

Phrases that men are afraid to hear from women

Of course, any problems in a relationship can and should be discussed. But some words do not work in the best way for men. Below we will tell you about the most “dangerous” phrases.

“We need to talk seriously!”

From these words, the stronger s^x instantly spoils the mood. Men perceive it as if only a woman needs to talk. They understand that they need to listen to all the complaints from the lady, which, most likely, have accumulated a lot. This is not always true, but guys somehow think about the worst development of events.

Psychologists say that this is because such words from women turn into a quarrel in ninety per cent of cases. To “frighten” your loved one, it is best not to utter such words at all. It would be much more correct to wait for the right moment for a serious conversation and calmly tell the man what exactly does not suit you.

“I do not want to talk to you!”

Another extreme that women often resort to. The stronger s^x may not even guess that he has offended you in some way. Any conflicts or misunderstandings are best resolved in dialogue, without turning to insults and shouting.

But ignore and silence only escalates the situation and psychologically puts pressure on the partner. No man will like this kind of tension.

“Who is calling you?”

When a woman is jealous and tries to control every step of a man all the time, a man perceives this as an attempt at his freedom.

It is difficult for the weaker s^x to come to terms with the concept of “personal boundaries”, but it is necessary to learn to trust a loved one; otherwise, he will desire to escape somewhere.

“You should spend more time with me!”

Of course, there is no question of those situations when a man is almost never at home because of work. But it is also wrong to completely deprive a partner of free time. Every young man should have the opportunity to meet friends, watch football, or be alone for a while.

You should not put pressure on a man and make him spend every free minute with you. Give your loved one a little break so as not to annoy each other; otherwise, the relationship may go wrong.

“But my ex never did that!”

If you are comparing your man with a former boyfriend, and this comparison is not in his favour, then the partner perceives this with resentment. Put yourself in his place – would you like your loved one to compare you to his ex?

Instead of this phrase, it is better to tell the man that you will be very pleased if he acts in a certain way. And the more you thank him for some concessions and understanding shown, the more willingly he will change for your sake.

Try to be more tolerant of the chosen one, do not limit his freedom and resolve any conflicts during a calm dialogue. No one likes constant fights, jealousy, resentment, complaints and discontent, so don’t let all this poison your relationship. Any young man will be grateful to a girl who calmly and with understanding reacts to everything.

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