What the Thai government did to Overweight policemen

The Thai government may be taking an innovative step to train her overweight policemen by forcing them to enroll in police training camps.

According to the available photos, the overweight policemen are sent to the camp and have their heads shaved. The contingent composed exclusively of men also removed their clothes, with the exception of khaki pants. The men exposed their belly, perhaps to show the vulnerability for which they were recorded.

What the Thai government did to Overweight policemen

According to Khaosod English, “There are so many problems if you’re a fat cop. You work slow and move slow as you go tumbling about. That’s unacceptable if you’re an officer tasked with arresting criminals since you have to be deft and go quickly,” said Senior Sgt. Maj. Sornpetch Chantarak, a dietary enforcer in the new program.

“Mostly they’re in charge of filing records. They also don’t exercise, or eat too richly and too much,” he said, laughing.

The viral photos were published for the first time on Facebook and, unsurprisingly, they generated lots of critics.

The weight loss program, a two-week adventure, has apparently had some success. Thai police stations began sending their larger police officers to the Pak Chong Central Police Training Center for intense physical activity to adjust the size of their belly.

What the Thai government did to Overweight policemen

The program is designed so that each station periodically sends two to three overweight police officers to the center. These men will train, ride a bike and adopt a healthy, high-protein diet to lose as much weight as possible.

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