Who wins! The biggest bust challenge in Ghana

Pamela Watara Obame, 21, a marketing student at the University of Wisconsin in Accra, and considered the woman who holds the biggest bust in all of Ghana, has become a social media superstar.

This generous-form student, who is used to putting herself almost naked in front of the camera lens, disturbs her fans through social networks, highlighting her greatest asset. Moreover, this is what characterizes the young woman with the massive chest of the Ashanti kingdom.

One thing that made her a star in Ghana, to the point of causing heated controversy among some of her compatriots, who challenges her on social networks. It now looks like the record is about to collapse after social media finds out Patricia, a lady who also has a big bulb.

Her beauty and her huge melons have also made her the darling of the blogosphere, and she suddenly becomes one of the “rivals” of Pamela Watara Obame, who, for want of being a fashionista, is also an intellectual woman. Thus, the young woman with a gigantic bust is a marketing student at Wisconsin University in Accra, Ghana.

Pamela Watara Obame, who makes men salivate in Ghana and on social networks, does not think to stop there. She has ambitions and dreams. “Pam”, as she is affectionately known, in addition to her university studies, is a photo model and dreams of being noticed in the media world and moreover, becoming an expert in marketing.

Pamela Watara Obame

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