Why are modern women in no hurry to get married?

Modern women are increasingly choosing a career and self-realization. Still, they postpone the creation of a family until a later age or completely abandon the idea of getting married and having children. However, half a century, or even 20-30 years ago, the representatives of the fair half of humanity had other values in priority than work.

Several factors are to blame, including the emergence of new opportunities for self-realization, an improvement in living conditions in general, and a change in the role of the fair sex in society. It was explained earlier that the women were intended only to create a family and have children; now, women, like men, are striving to build a successful career. An expert says in an interview why they often take all responsibility upon themselves instead of trusting others.

“A hypothetical woman tried to trust someone, to delegate her duties, to delegate affairs; she realized that nothing happened, that she had hoped in vain, or she was completely refused. Either in her family, there was a situation in which her mother took over everything, and dad did not help in everyday life. The installation appeared that you could only rely on yourself, ”the expert noted.

The psychologist explained that such a position in life could lead to the fact that a woman becomes self-confident, able to solve her problems independently. In contrast, she may lose confidence in others.

“Of course, you always need to rely on yourself, but you don’t need to rely only on yourself and not trust anyone. The question here is rather a partnership, and this is not necessarily a partnership with a man. It can be a partnership with friends or with parents, ”said Alena Leonova.

The psychologist also explained that if a woman had a positive experience in the past, it would be easier for her to trust others when receiving timely and quality assistance. At the same time, the expert noted that the judgment that the women, who are accustomed to relying only on themselves, do not give in to emotions is fundamentally wrong. These women, despite their inner strength, can be vulnerable and very emotional.

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