“Why can’t we respect that?” – Former teacher of Cardi B (26)

“Why can’t we respect that?” Joan Hill, former history teacher of Cardi B asked on Facebook. In America, Cardi B (26) is under fire because she is beginning to express her political opinion more and more. A teacher of the star now takes it for her. “Why can’t we respect that?”, The woman wonders on Facebook.

Cardi B recently made it to the Donald Trump government. She criticized, among other things, the bad policy of the president, as a result of which officials were forced to be sent to the food bank. She also refused to act on the Super Bowl because she wanted to support the athletes who are fighting against racial inequality. That is not welcomed by many fans of Trump. From them the rapper gets the full layer. Her former history teacher, Joan Hill, now takes it up for her.

“Why can’t we respect that?”

Why can’t we respect that?
Joan’s post on Facebook, “why can’t we respect that?”

“For those of you on my feed who are trashing Card B for representing a political voice, a) she probably scored high than you on US history regents exam and was in my AP govt class b) you’re not nearly as busy as her, and what have you done to advance political discourse in the country? c) she has a national platform and is using to speak about things that are important…. Why can’t we respect that? d) STFU and take a seat.”

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