Why do cats love boxes?

If you want to attract the cat’s attention, place a box or bag in the middle of the room or hallway. In a minute, you will find a contented muzzle peeking out from there. Cats, like their wild relatives, are hunters. They love to ambush, and the box is the most convenient place where no one can see them. Let’s figure out why our cats love boxes.

Cat boxes can be very different. You can choose a small box, or it can be large. The most important thing is that the animal, climbing there, feels the proper space and understands that it can hide there without any problems, feel itself there proper safety. Often cats lie in a cardboard box for a very long time, or they can sit there, filling the space with themselves.

Why do cats love boxes?

Not infrequently, a cat, climbing into a box, sleeps there as if it were the best house. Cats often prefer this cardboard house. And for a person to create such conditions for a cat is not at all difficult. Indeed, a cardboard box was inexpensive at all times, and these are serious reasons to please your cat. Pets do not always require large investments; cats will be grateful for their personal space to hide without unnecessary problems. The most important thing is to choose a suitable box where the animal will feel itself with the proper convenience and comfort.

If cats always have grass, bushes, and trees to hide on the street, then indoors, they are limited in movement. The box house for the cat is also an excellent hideout, where no one can see her. Wild feline instincts dictate the reaction to a box or package

Why do cats love boxes

Why do cats love boxes?

Why an animal has certain habits can usually always be explained. Someone follows pets, but sometimes there is a lot of information that will explain everything in a simple and accessible way. Every animal has its habits, and cats are no exception. So why do cats love being in a box? These reasons will allow the owners to understand the reasons for the desire of the cat to hide in the box. It is enough to observe a little of the household habits that pets have, and very soon, you will understand the main reasons cats love boxes.

Feeling safe

Here we can say for sure that the feline family when faced with stress, wants only one thing: to be safe. Climbing into a small box, the cat quickly adapts and therefore copes with the excitement that may flood.

However, the box can be large, the cat’s instinct will still tell them that they can cope with stress here. This is especially helpful when the owners are transporting pets to a new area. A cardboard box is ideal for this.

Desire to be warm

It has always been important for the feline to be warm. And the cardboard box has always been associated as a source of warmth and comfort. Often this is important not even for one cat, but for several. You can repeatedly observe how pets, climbing into the box, love to cuddle together.

Here the instinct is triggered, which prevailed at all times even if the owners provided the necessary conditions in terms of heat.

Shelters for hunters

Say what you don’t, but cats are a hunting species. Therefore, it is essential for them to feel that there is a way to jump out of hiding to remain satisfied with themselves and the hunting process.

It is not surprising that pets are ready to perceive the presence of a box as a way to prove themselves as real hunters who will not be left without prey.


Many kittens are put in a cardboard box almost from birth. Often, kittens are there with the cat.

Being in a cardboard box from the first days of life, they get used to it just like people get used to their home, in which they lived all their childhood.

Cats tend to get used to something. For example, if you start taking a kitten in your arms from birth, he will get used to it and ask for it himself after a while.

Why do cats love boxes?

The smell of cardboard

Many people notice that in addition to boxes, cats also like to lie on stacks of newspapers, books, and in general on everything made of paper. There is also an explanation for this, or rather, an assumption.

The smell of paper is very popular with cats, as it is in many ways similar to the smell of wood and reminiscent of the wild.

A way to have fun

Cats are such pets that they love to play with at all times. And the appearance of the box, they perceive as the presence of a new toy. Therefore, you can often observe how cats like to jump into boxes, jump out of them, climb the walls, stick their curious nose there, being pleased with themselves and their antics.

This is another good way to deal with stress, and not just for the animal. People also love to watch how their pet indulges, delighting with their cheerfulness and energy.


A new thing in the house always attracts the attention of cats. Seeing a box that was not there before, the cat will start running around it, examining the new product and trying to understand what it is for.

Having thoroughly examined a new object, it will begin to interact with it in every possible way, and in cases with boxes, as a rule, cats find them the only use.

Many believe that cats are selfish and alienated loners. In principle, there are already stereotypes that they are independent and always walk by themselves. But in fact, cats become very attached to their owners, showing them their habits as a sign of trust.

Owners need to understand that pets should have their own space. And a cardboard box is perfect in this regard. Again, it is important to take this responsibly, not let the cat chew on the cardboard and throw it around the room. Then your cat will be grateful not only for the care but also for the fact that you allowed him to get his own secluded corner.

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