Why does Chinese actor Chow Yun-Fat distribute his money to the poor

Asian actor Chow Yun-Fat is known all over the world for his irresistible acting in films. These are the films “Bright Future”, “Anna and the King” and many others. He managed to play in more than 100 films throughout his film career. He was able to achieve a lot in life. These roles brought Chow worldwide popularity and a huge fortune (about $720 million).

But together with his beloved wife, Jasmine, they lead a very modest lifestyle. They spend the bulk of their income on charity. The only thing that darkens their life is the absence of children. Yun-Fat carried his pain throughout his life.

Poor childhood and work at 17

It is known that Chow Yun-Fat was born near Hong Kong in 1955. His family lived modestly. Parents were ordinary farmers and barely made ends meet. After a while, their family moved to Hong Kong in search of a better life. “My father got a job as an oil tanker, and my mother baked traditional Chinese dim sum pies.” The son always helped his mother. At first, he fed the living creatures, helped sell pies, weeded the garden, and cared for the house. Then at the age of 17, he went to work to help his family live in Hong Kong. He even had to leave school for this and try a lot of classes.

Yun-Fat himself recalled that there were periods when there was not enough money to buy shoes for all family members. He was a cleaner, a waiter, and a courier. The young man was ready to accept any job where they paid but only legal. And then fate smiled at him. TVB channel announced another casting for actors with and without experience. Even though he had no acting training, Chow came across a casting ad and decided to take a chance.

In 1973, he passed the casting, and he was unexpectedly hired. The role was small but brought him first good fee. Then the young man decided that he needed to complete acting courses. Further, Yun-Fat took part in various television projects and developed his skills. However, fate again gave him a chance to change everything in life.

For Chow, the main thing is positive thinking, not a bank account
For Chow, the main thing is positive thinking, not a bank account

An unexpected twist of fate and big fees

Yun-Fat no longer had to constantly look for work. He has been on television for several years. True, these small roles in films and TV shows did not bring world recognition. However, he dreamed of being a successful film actor. Already in 1986, fortune really smiled at him. He played the title role in the John Woo film A Brighter Tomorrow, and it was a real success. Glory was not long in coming.

A year later, the actor began working with another director Ringo Lam and starred in his films Prison on Fire, City on Fire. These films had an interesting plot, and the actor’s talented acting kept the audience’s attention from the beginning to the end of the tape. Then there was the comedy “God of Players”, “Born a Thief”, “Hardboiled”. Yun-Fat was recognized as a brilliant Asian actor. But Hollywood and world recognition awaited him. In 1998, Chow played an assassin in Antoine Fuqua’s film Replacement Assassins.

Then there was work in the historical and lyrical film “Anna and the King”, where he starred in the title role with actress Jodie Foster. This film has received positive reviews from many. Also, viewers and critics liked Chow’s performance in the film “Bulletproof Monk” in the fantasy genre. Yun-Fat has built a stunning film career and acted in more than 100 films. Over the years, he began to act less, but that doesn’t worry him. Since today his fortune has reached a huge size (720 million dollars).

Chow’s preferences and quirks in life

It is interesting that the actor, having achieved world fame, is a highly paid star, he is a millionaire. It would seem that such a person can afford to live in a big way, but this does not apply to Chow Yun-Fat. He is not demanding and lives modestly with his wife. They eat simple food and even allow themselves fast food. They have everything necessary for life. Therefore, a new one is bought only when the old one is worn out or completely broken. The actor prefers public transport rather than a fleet of luxury cars. He is not used to spending huge sums of money on himself. Most often, it is 100-150 dollars a month.

Chow’s most important thing in life is not to earn huge amounts of money and spend it on himself. It is much more important to be in harmony with yourself, maintaining positive thinking and health. Interestingly, his wife Jasmine fully shares his preferences. Chow and his wife also organized a charitable foundation through which they help all those in need, protecting people from social injustice.

Perhaps the echoes of a poor childhood and upbringing had such an effect on the actor. He dreams of changing the world and people’s lives for the better. Yun-Fang has no heirs, he decided to spend about 90% of his income on charity. Even the proceeds from his book of exclusive photographs, released in 2008, he donated to the victims of the earthquake in China.

Disappointment in a serious relationship and a million for an heir

Young and prominent, Yun-Fat attracted the attention of women. However, he did not immediately meet his wife, Jasmine. His first love was the actress, Candy Yu. At first, their stormy relationship ended in a breakup, but after 5 years, the young people got back together. All this ended in marriage. True, this union lasted only 9 months.

Chow had another affair in 1976 with the beautiful actress Idie Chan, but they broke up after 5 years of relationship. Trite, but Yun-Fat’s mother did not accept her, and her son did not want to go against the odds. The actor was disappointed in a serious relationship and no longer believed in his happiness.

His acquaintance in 1983 with Jasmine Tan was fateful. But the fact that this is his fate, Chow realized a little later. At first, Yun-Fat said that he would most likely never marry her.

Chow’s unplanned dinner and interaction with Jasmine changed everything. Since then, young people spoke on the phone several times a day, and the young man sent her tender messages on postcards. The young man behaved like a madman, he could no longer be away from Jasmine for a long time. Somehow, quite unexpectedly for Jasmine, he offered to sign. During the day, they signed in New York, where the actor was on the set of his next picture.

Interestingly, after so many years, Jasmine and Chow still have tender feelings for each other. Chow considers his wife Jasmine the most precious thing in life. And Jasmine is sure that being Chow’s wife is a gift sent to her by Heaven.

After so many years, these two still have tender feelings for each other.
After so many years, these two still have tender feelings for each other.

The only thing that overshadows their happiness is the absence of children. The fact is that after 5 years of their marriage, Jasmine became pregnant. But 7 days before the birth, the child in the womb calmed down. It turned out that there was suffocation by the umbilical cord, and the girl died. It was a real test for them. It took 7 years to recover. Life without children does not make a family complete. Heaven did not give him and his wife children, and he is not sure whether to accept this or try all options for the sake of his happiness.

They repeatedly tried to conceive a child again and again, but nothing worked. And when Jasmine turned 48, the hope that his wife would give birth herself left Chow. Somehow, an unusual proposal came from his mother, Lifang Chen. You can use the services of a surrogate mother who bears a child for them. The actor was even ready to give a million Hong Kong dollars to such a girl with an education and excellent health. So far, Chow has no heirs, but who knows how fate will turn further. They would be wonderful and loving parents.

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