Why it’s good to have enemies: 4 reasons to love your enemies

Many have enemies or, more precisely, ill-wishers. Well, or just unpleasant acquaintances who you want to call such an unflattering word. On the path of every girl’s life, some people can cause pain and suffering. Perhaps someone hates us even for no apparent reason. However, animosity is not a reason to get upset. Remember that it is impossible to please everyone without exception.

Why it’s good to have enemies

It’s hard to believe, but enemies have a lot to be thankful for! Here are four reasons why it’s good to have enemies.

They make us become a better version of ourselves

If a girl has enemies, she’s trying to become a better version of herself. Admit it; the last thing you want to do is slap your face in front of someone who disgusts you. Enemies become a motivation to move forward. Thanks to them, you want to slim down, earn more, be more successful, and more beautiful.

Enemies help combat anger

It turns out that enemies and adversaries can not only make you angry but also help you get your aggression under control. The most important thing is to process these emotions in the right way.

You don’t need to silence them, but you don’t need to show them to others. Learn to manage your anger and see your abuser as a therapist. Think of it as just another lesson you’ve learned and an invaluable experience.

Enemies are more likely, to tell the truth

As hard as it may be to comprehend, there may be more truth in the words of your enemies than there is in the words of your best friend or relative.

If you hear bad things about yourself, question yourself honestly to see any truth in what your enemy is saying. Perhaps you need to work on some shortcomings.

Enemies help to value love and friendship

Friendship and love are the opposite of hate. But sometimes, the latter becomes so strong that it occupies all your thoughts. It starts to feel like a torrid affair – so addictive.

Don’t let the feeling of hatred ruin your life. On the contrary, realize how great it is to have friends and a loved one around! Try to focus only on the positives.

You may think that enemies only spoil our lives by making us anxious and angry. But if you learn to control your own negative emotions, you’ll soon realize that it’s your abusers that make you a better person, more tolerant, and more determined. Do not accumulate hatred and get rid of this unnecessary baggage to be easier to walk through life.

By the way, you can always try to forgive your enemies and even make friends with them. That way, you will achieve another victory over yourself.

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