Why men don’t want to get married anymore? 10 reasons

We often see a picture: it seems that the age is already suitable, but the person does not even think about marriage. There are more and more lonely people who do not want to visit the registry offices and the reasons that force them to bypass. Why is a man in no hurry to tie himself by marriage?

Reasons men don’t want to get married anymore

Bad experiences in the past

This experience is not necessarily the marriage. You may be skeptical about a wedding because, in the past, your partner cheated on you or refused to offer you happiness. Or maybe you didn’t have that girl with whom you would like to stay all your life (or most of it).

Lack of time due to work

Careerists will understand that building relationships when you are head over heels at work is incredibly difficult. When your goal is only the desired promotion, everything else fades into the background.

You do not have enough time to go to the movies or a date at a restaurant and for dinner by candlelight at home. Family life is not about coming home to sleep at all. This also is work, and it is also hard. And not everyone can endure work after work.

Fear of commitment

Fear of commitment and responsibility is a common reason why men are in no rush to get married. It is difficult to argue that our generation is growing up later than the previous ones, and then there are phrases that a man is a big child. And here you are – a wife who expects financial help from you, a child to whom you need to devote your time, relatives whom you need to visit from time to time.

We add all this to constant stress at work and many important decisions that a person must make daily. As a result, it turns out that it is much easier not to get married and not take on such responsibility not only for himself but in many cases for your partner and your children.

Unwillingness to part with a bachelor life

If someone has already ceased to be a bachelor in your company of friends, it is quite possible to assume that you have heard many contradictory things about marriage. It seems that they love and appreciate you, but they are not allowed to sit with the boys, the spouses legally read the correspondence on the phone, and the budget is rapidly leaking to new shoes for the wife. It starts to seem like marriage is a big mistake. You feel sorry for your friend and are in no hurry to burden yourself with bonds.

What your marriage will be like depends only on the two of you. Bachelor life is, of course, not bad, but you shouldn’t be afraid of getting married either. There are many more positive moments than negative ones, and negative ones can be learned to solve with ordinary conversation.


Many couples live together in the same apartment for months or even years and consider each other as spouses without registering the marriage at the registry office. Moreover, the more time passes from the beginning of life together, the more difficult the decision on the stamp in the passport is given. A man may not see the point in official ceremonies since everything is fine with him. Only now, girls do not always share the same opinion.

Availability of s*x without obligation

S*x without obligation has now become available to almost everyone. A person who is in no hurry to become an exemplary family man and does not dream about children in the near future is only on hand. Indeed, why get married if you can satisfy your needs for intimacy with a successful swipe in Tinder?

Inability to communicate with girls

Agree; this phenomenon is by no means rare. If you cannot even say a normal “Hello!” in the presence of a girl, Then what can we say about relationships and marriage.

The same applies to men who on a date talk exclusively about themselves, flirt excessively “corny,” or play the role of Don Juan. In this case, do not be surprised that your potential brides are trying to escape from you as quickly as possible. And it’s not about them at all.

Confidence that the marriage will not last long

Some men are overly pessimistic about marriage. “We will quickly get tired of each other,” “now everything is fine, and in a few years we will divorce,” “she will demand alimony and prohibit communicating with children.” Yes, these fears are real. And when you convince yourself in advance that your life together will not work out, it will happen.


In an age when you are surrounded by photos of pumped-up handsome men and twenty-year-old millionaires, it is so easy to lose confidence in yourself. Any refusal (even a potential one) inflicts a sickly blow on a person’s pride. It seems that you are not attractive enough, not smart enough, not secure enough – the list of these “not enough” can go on indefinitely. Therefore, some choose the so-called safe path – not to take any action

Fear of “fading” intimacy

There are men whose heads are filled with the fear of lack of intimacy in marriage. After all, there are so many horror stories around, like “as soon as you get married, the passion will subside, and s*x will be at best once a month.” Bypassing the registry offices because of this is at least stupid because there are dozens, if not more, ways to maintain the former attraction in bed.

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