8 common shaving mistakes almost everyone makes

Shaving is and remains not a fun activity. It is not very difficult, but a lot can still go wrong. Whether small wounds are left behind or only shaved with water: we (almost) all make these mistakes.

We list the most common mistakes.

Common shaving mistakes

Whether you shave too often (or too little) or don’t use a good product, shaving is and remains a thing. Not shaving has many (health) benefits, but we also understand that you prefer to shave your armpits before an event quickly. If you do the latter, you want to do it as well as possible. We have therefore gathered the most common shaving mistakes (and solutions) during shaving.

You shave too often

We prefer to grab the razor as soon as we see one small hair. Whether Is this useful? Not always. Shaving too often can irritate your skin and cause razor bumps (which can even become inflamed). It works best to shave every two to three days. In addition, someone else does not see that little hair, you know.

You’re using your razor for too long

Women who have had their razors in the shower for a few weeks or months may want to throw them out today. You can use a razor a maximum of ten times. Using your razor for longer can not only lead to a less good result, but it can also cause infections.

You shave in the morning

Why shave at night when you take a shower in the morning? Well, for a good reason. When you shave your body in the morning, your body doesn’t have time to recover. This is partly due to friction of the skin, which can irritate. Your body has all night to heal when you shave at night.

You only use water

It always seems easier and faster to rub your legs with warm water before shaving, but it’s certainly not better for your body

. The wound is less likely to occur when you rub your legs with shaving foam beforehand, ensuring fewer irritations. The razor glides a lot easier over your legs or armpits.

You’re going in the wrong direction

To be clear: It’s anything but good to shave against the grain. As nice as it feels, the smoother your legs are –don’t. This can cause wounds and irritations more quickly, which is, of course, all we don’t want.

You don’t take good care of your skin

Using good shaving cream is, of course, very good, but often the care before and after is forgotten. This is also very important: your skin can use some hydration (such as a refined body oil or cream) after shaving and a good scrub beforehand. With this, you remove the dead skin cells, and you run less risk of irritations and (even nicer) ingrown hairs.

You shave on the same day of the event

We all recognize it: just before going out or a family party, just run the machete through it. This too has more disadvantages than advantages. As we just said, your skin needs some time to recover, and if you’re still shaving right before the event, your body doesn’t get the chance to do so. It is, therefore, better to shave one day in advance.

You will not expect it, but it is extremely important to put on the right outfit after shaving. Putting on a tight dress or a thong right after doing the job is anything but good for your skin. This irritates and especially a lot of itching. Let your skin breathe well, and wear looser clothing, such as a loose shirt or boxers, right after showering.

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