Why you need to make your bed: 6 reasons

From the time we were children, our parents and grandparents instilled in us the importance of making our beds. As a result, they taught their children and grandkids to follow orders. However, it turns out that there are other reasons to do so that we were unaware of.

The point here is not at all in order and not on the aesthetic side of the question. There is even scientific justification for the need to tidy up the bed!

So why do you need to make your bed?

Why you need to make your bed: 6 non-obvious reasons

To get better sleep

Not without American scientists who conducted an interesting study. As a result, it turned out that all those people who are used to making their bed every morning sleep much better than those who neglect this activity. One and a half thousand people took part in the study, and everyone who made the bed did not complain about sleep at all.

To improve life in general

No matter what anyone says, any habit disciplines us, even if it’s about such a trifle as a made bed. It has been scientifically proven to affect the areas of the brain that are responsible for self-control, relationships with others, and even financial well-being.

For bed linen to serve you longer

It turns out that even the American Institute of Home Economics recommends making your bed every day. This can reduce the number of creases, creases, and subsequent wear on pillows and bed linen. This simple habit will help you save money on buying a new set.

To feel happy and peaceful

The author of The Happiness Project, Gretchen Rubin, decided to survey her readers to find out what makes them happy and calm. It turns out that keeping your home tidy makes you feel more comfortable. And yes, such a trifle as a beautifully made bed also helps to feel peace and happiness.

To put things in order in the head

More than one psychologist has conducted research that helps find the relationship between cleanliness in the house and a healthy psyche. If you find it difficult to immediately put the perfect order in the house, start with the little things. Dust, fold, and make your bed to “cleanse” your surroundings. Tidying up your home has been proven to help organize your thoughts!

To get rid of insomnia

It would seem, what kind of relationship could there be? But research by American scientists has revealed an interesting pattern: a made-up bed helps cope with insomnia. It works quite simply: you need to make it a rule to go to bed only for a night’s sleep! And if the bed is made, then the desire to lie down on it decreases to flip through the feed of social networks on the phone. Remember that the bed is only for sleeping.

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