Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others and how to stop doing it

Everyone has at least once compared herself to another person, perhaps luckier or more beautiful. If you have such a habit, then you need to get rid of it as soon as possible, because it will not bring anything good to your life!

Why you can’t compare yourself to others

Comparing yourself to someone else, a person may experience the so-called “ envy.” Most often, it motivates us to earn more, set high goals for ourselves, and in every possible way change our life for the better. But there is always someone more prosperous, more intelligent, more successful, or more beautiful than you. That is why the constant comparison of yourself to someone else can ultimately lead to melancholy, dissatisfaction with yourself, and even depression.

You don’t have to remind yourself that you are worse than someone else persistently. And is it so? According to some of his indicators, each person “measures” success and happiness: having a family, the size of wages, the ability to travel, career growth, buying his own home or car, etc. And you can endlessly “measure up” with others who already have it all.

And is it worth wasting precious time comparing yourself to someone more successful? After all, you can spend those hours on something more substantial. Remember that you are unique, and each of your achievements has an exceptional value for you. Live without looking back at anyone. Otherwise, even after achieving success, you will again find a person with whom you will begin to compare yourself. This is the road to nowhere!

You can only influence your life, not what happens to others. Don’t waste energy focusing on other people’s success. Instead, think about how you can become the best version of yourself and fulfill your dreams


How to stop comparing yourself to others

If you have such a habit, then try to get rid of it in one of the following ways:

Appreciate everything that you have already achieved and enjoy success

Make a list of a hundred of your achievements and victories. Write in it both significant and very small accomplishments. And then hang the sheet on the wall so that you can see it more often and remind yourself how great you are.

Learn from others

Please don’t compare yourself to other people, but learn from them. Replace envy and sighs of regret that something is wrong with you with an analysis of the life path of a successful person. You may be able to repeat some of the steps and get what you want too!

Don’t believe everything you see on social media

Often, photos on social media are far from reality. Ideal pictures are displayed only to earn likes and views.

Be grateful for what you already have

Say “thank you” more often for everything you already have. As soon as you learn to notice all the good things already in your life, a whole flurry of positive changes and valuable surprises will fall on you. By the way, the feeling of gratitude helps to fight envious thoughts.

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