“Worst Paedophile serial killer ever” arrested in India

Man (20) broke legs of at least 9 young girls before he raped and killed them

In India, a paedophile serial killer has been arrested who is suspected of having attacked and murdered at least nine young girls. Before he took his victims, he would have systematically broken their legs with bricks. This is reported by local media based on the police.

The man, who is called ‘Sunil’ in the Indian media, was arrested Tuesday. In the village of Magarpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, 515 kilometres from Gurugram. A town southwest of New Delhi.

In Gurugram, on November 12, the mutilated body of a three-year-old girl was found, after she had disappeared a day earlier. According to the coroner, the child was beaten to death with a blunt object, possibly a brick.

Sunil has known the murder. Police inspector Sumit Kuhar says that the man also confessed during the interrogation. That he had made two more victims in Gurugram in the same gruesome manner. And four in Delhi, one in Jhansi and one in Gwalior. All victims were young girls who were not yet in puberty. They were all found with broken legs, head wounds and mutilated genitals and they were found to have been raped.

“Exciting ritual”

Kuhar says the authorities are “shocked by the confessions, since all nine rapes. And murders in Gurugram, Delhi, Jhansi and Gwalior have taken place in the last two years.” The man also informs the police that breaking his legs victims before he raped them “was a ritual that aroused him”. He would also have said that he is attracted to young girls.

“He remembers all rapes, which often took place in the margins of religious festivities”, it sounds to the police. The man conceived of post-community kitchens who distributed free food during the festivities and often visited children on their own. “He had young girls from the slums who only came in sight and tried to lure them with sweets and chocolate.” He told us that the only thing he wanted was “good food at the bhandaras (community kitchens) and young girls to satisfy his lust.”

“One of the worst paedophile serial killers ever”

According to Kuhar, Sunil took his victims to remote, deserted places, where he attacked them, raped them, and later dumped their bodies. His first victim would have been a four-year-old girl who was kidnapped by him in 2016. His second victim was a five-year-old girl who disappeared early in 2017 and was found dead twenty days later.

If the man is found guilty of all allegations against him. According to the Indian authorities, Sunil could be one of the “worst paedophile serial killers” ever to appear before the Indian court.

Finally, according to the police, the man was difficult to trace because he wandered around. He did not have a permanent residence, telephone or job.

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