Youngest African billionaire (43) back home after kidnapping

The African billionaire Mohammed Dewji, who was kidnapped in Tanzania a good time ago, is back home safely. The family company reported that on Saturday.

Dewji, director of the METL Group, was abducted last Thursday by four masked men in the capital Dar es Salaam of Tanzania when he was on his way to the gym for his usual gym session.

According to Forbes, the 43-year-old entrepreneur, who is also known as simply ‘Mo’ in his own country, has a capital of 1.5 billion dollars. This makes Dewji the youngest billionaire in Africa.

“I have returned safely”, he says in a statement from the METL Group, in which he thanked the people who contributed to his release, including the police. The company does not provide information about how it was released. Three arrests were made, reports local media. The Dewji family stated earlier that they were prepared to pay a billion Tanzanian shillings (376,000 euros) for information that would lead to his release.

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