Zimbabwe: the second rise of Robert Mugabe

In Zimbabwe, Emmerson Mnangagwa has just passed the 100-day presidency.

One hundred days that allowed him especially to call foreign investors to return to the country.

The political landscape changed during this period, with the death of the historical opponent Morgan Tsvangirai.

But another upheaval took place on Monday, March 5, with the creation of a new political party, dissident of Zanu-PF and close to the Mugabe clan.

A new competitor will take part in the presidential elections to be held this year in Zimbabwe, the New Patriotic Front.

The creator is Ambrose Mutinhiri, behind this unknown name to the general public, a veteran of the war of independence and especially a faithful supporter of Robert Mugabe.

The New Patriotic Front, the NPF, is actually formed by relatives of the former president and the G40 faction loyal to Grace Mugabe.

From the first communique, the tone is given as: “The party is outraged by the unconstitutional way in which Robert Mugabe was expelled from power and hunted by criminals who have shamefully damaged Zimbabwean democracy.”

The first battle of the NPF is legal. The party has already submitted a document to the African Union to declare what it calls a coup.

The next step: the NPF will ask the Zimbabwean Constitutional Court to rule on the legality of Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

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