10 signs you will live long

Nobody knows how long he will live. We can only guess if we will live to be 100 years old or our life will end much earlier. But certain criteria allow us to conclude that you are likely to live much longer than your peers. We’ve collected a few signs that you may well become a long-liver.

You care about your health

The probability that a person who absolutely does not care about his state of health will live a long and happy life is practically zero. Think about it the next time you have something sore, and you start looking for excuses instead of looking for the number of a good specialist.

Suppose you do a check-up (examination of the whole body) every six months or a year), visit the dentist, and pass all the necessary tests. In that case, this allows doctors to identify the occurrence of any severe health problems in time. Suppose every time you are worried about uncomfortable sensations, body pain, or itching when you notice strange redness or a rash; you first make an appointment with a specialist. In that case, you can be an example to everyone else.

You care about your health, try to solve all the problems that arise in time, resort to professional help without self-medication, spend your time on preventive examinations. Of course, no one is immune from sudden illnesses or their complications, but you reduce this risk to a minimum.

You have no bad habits

Yes, there are many articles about centenarians who eat fatty foods, drink a lot, or cannot quit smoking their whole life. But this does not mean that your bad habits will not prevent you from living to 100 years in the same way.

You may initially have different health conditions, genetics, and even your level of luck. But it is hardly a good idea to trust your life and your health to chance.

Drink only on holidays, watch your diet, finally quit smoking, get rid of a sedentary lifestyle – do at least something for which you can say thank you to yourself in old age.

You are physically active

Each of us has a different job: someone spends the whole day on the street, someone sits in a stuffy room, someone works in motion, and someone leads a sedentary lifestyle. But even working in an office and spending 8-10 hours a day sitting in a chair, you can maintain physical activity. Sign up for the gym, go swimming, walk home, go for a morning run, change from car to bike.

Movement is life. Try to stay active as long as possible, lose weight, build muscle.

You are careful

If you are careful, you are less likely to die from an accident. Of course, your attentiveness does not guarantee you immunity, but still, life loves people who look around, crossing the road.

Train your discretion and caution; it will never be superfluous. You will learn to bypass dangerous situations, be reinsured, not retake risks, take full responsibility for your health.

You strive to improve your living conditions

If you constantly strive to improve the conditions of your life, you have a much better chance of living to a venerable age. Someone will not care that he lives in a place where he has to breathe poisonous fumes every day going out into the street.

Someone does not care that his apartment, or rather, its condition, is the cause of persistent illnesses with serious complications. But the conditions in which we live can directly affect the length of our life.

You are doing well if you live in an apartment with heating, sleep on a bed, do not suffer from the heat in summer, but turn on the air conditioner if you can afford high-quality food, clean drinking water, buy seasonal clothes, and shoes.

You worry about your pension in advance

Few of us now expect to retire and receive from the state an amount that will be enough for a normal life. Judging by today’s retirees, if we do not hurry up and do not contribute to our old age, then our chances of living in old age will be close to zero.

One of the smartest decisions is to take responsibility for your old age. You can secure yourself passive income, start investing, or, at worst, open a bank account and set aside at least some percentage of your salary for it. So in your life, there will be much less stress and worries about whether your pension will be able to meet at least basic needs.

You earn as much as is enough for a comfortable life

Financial problems cause a person the wildest stress, which, in turn, leads to mental problems, the occurrence of serious illnesses, provokes you to return to bad habits, start overeating, hamper your health, and so on. Of course, money is not the main thing, but, as you can see, it is their absence that can negatively affect your psycho-emotional state and life expectancy.

Everything is interconnected: if you earn as much as you have enough for a comfortable life and to satisfy all your needs, you will be much calmer, healthier, happier than those who think only about how to survive from paycheck to paycheck.

You are not alone

It is much easier and safer for people to stick together, so if you have a loved one, your chances of living in old age increase. You will share your experiences, take care, provide the necessary support. You will know for sure that you have someone to call an ambulance, help take medication. The most important thing is that you will not feel lonely, and loneliness scares the elderly so much.

You have good genetics

Genetics determines whether you have a predisposition to some serious illness or not. Suppose your grandparents, as well as other close relatives, did not suffer the same diseases. In that case, the risk that your family has any hereditary illness is extremely low, and you have nothing to worry about. Just keep monitoring your health and see a specialist at the first alarming symptoms.

You have a lot of friends

Sociable people, who have a wide circle of friends and acquaintances, remain active and cheerful much longer and therefore have much more chances to live a long and happy life. People need communication; this helps us to go through negative experiences and solve our problems more efficiently.

As a result, close people help you to reduce stress and start enjoying life. If you have a lot of friends and family now, try not to lose touch with most of them until you retire.

Note* Always consult your doctor or other qualified health care professional for any questions you may have about your health or condition. Never disregard a health care professional’s advice or delay getting it because of what you read on this website.
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