10 ways to stay active while looking for a job

It can be quite an annoying situation when you have no work. It’s just not easy to get a job and sit down; that doesn’t help anyone.

Your motivation will hit zero now and then, but stay positive and think about these 10 ways to stay active while looking for a job.

Try to understand what went wrong

Be honest with yourself by considering where you could have done something different.

Make a list of your bad qualities and tackle them one by one

We all have bad sides, so face these; only in this way can you improve yourself.

Choose a direction that makes you happy

It is not always easy to earn money with it, but in the end, it is something you go for 100% and where you find your place. As Confucius once wisely said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

Work on your resume

Make sure it’s up to date with relevant work experience, make sure it looks good and is much more than a boring list. Make it something unique so that you stand out among the stack.

Stay informed of new trends and developments in your field

If you can show in a job application that you know everything about it, you have an advantage in any case.

Make plan

Make a plan and write down what goals you have and when you want to achieve

them. That way, you have something to hold on to, and you have tangible things you can work towards.

Take a smaller job in the meantime to stay active

For example, working in a coffee bar; may not be your final destination, but who knows who you will meet, and it will provide interim income as you search for your dream job.

Expand your network

Go to get-togethers, mingle at events and make sure everyone around you knows you’re looking for a job and what you have to offer. If you sit at home waiting for someone to offer you a job, you’ll probably still be there in 30 years.


It looks good on your resume, you meet a lot of people, and it’s going to make you feel good. You give something back to society, and in the end (karma points!), it will bring you a lot in a positive sense.

Be patient

The good things in life take time and a lot of work, so stick with your goals and expect a few setbacks and rejections. Keep your ultimate goal in mind and work hard for it. Success & good times are coming.

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