11 reasons why nothing changes in your life

If your life hasn’t changed in the last few months, a year, or even five years, it’s a complete failure. You cannot get off the ground: improve your living conditions, find a good job, unleash your potential. All your plans and aspirations to start playing sports, take English courses, move to a larger city are forever postponed until tomorrow, mythical Monday, or the beginning of next month. As a result, you live in groundhog day, not wanting to seriously initiate any changes or not understanding how to do it.

You either decide to redesign your whole life radically, or you wait for something to change by itself. Be that as it may, but extremes will never lead you to the desired result. We have collected all the most possible reasons why nothing changes in your life. Perhaps you will recognize yourself at some points, which will help you choose the right approach and start acting today.

You are trying to change everything at once

If in one period of time you are trying to transform several areas of your life at once: get another promotion, improve your knowledge and skills, solve problems in your personal life, improve your health, etc., do not be surprised that you are failing. The secret of change is that it takes a lot of time, effort, and, of course, attention. When you are scattered, you do not have enough resources for any of the tasks assigned to you.

So think first of all about what is more important to you at the moment. Choose one area of your life and start working on its development. Fight your habit of multitasking – it rarely yields any positive results.

You expect the result to be instant

Any change requires an investment of time from you – you cannot make an effort and immediately get what you want. So you have to be patient, break your big goal down into smaller ones, and start methodically working towards achieving them.

Get rid of the thought that the lack of instant results is a mistake, pointless waste of time and energy. Be calmer and more confident, and in the near future, you will be able to change your life radically.

You look for excuses

If you are constantly trying to find why something may or may not work out for you, you create internal obstacles to change. Stop looking for excuses for your inaction. Think better about what to do with all external circumstances that could theoretically prevent you from achieving your desired goal.

When you have developed a clear plan of action in case of force majeure, you will feel more confident in yourself and the success of your endeavors.

You expect everything to change without your intervention

It would help if you did not hope that someone else would come into your life and change it for the better. Nobody will do all the dirty work for you.

Stop trying to shift the responsibility onto other people. You are the only person in charge of yourself, so get your ass off the couch and start making the right decisions.

You compare yourself to others

If you want to start drastically changing your life for the better, you should forget about comparing yourself with others. To look at those who have been moving towards their goal for a long time, and to think that you are unlikely to be able to at least catch up with this person, is at least stupid. If comparisons don’t motivate you, then don’t look at other people, but completely immerse yourself in working on your own life.

You listen to those who do not believe in you

Each person has ill-wishers who are ready to do everything possible and impossible so that he makes a mistake, stumbles, is disappointed in himself, and abandons the goal. Until you learn to ignore the words and actions of such people, you will not be able to change your life for the better.

You must get rid of susceptibility to negativity and surround yourself with only those who will support you, make you believe in yourself, and motivate you.

You quickly lose interest

No matter how much you want to change something in your life, this desire will be unstable. You will have ups and downs: you will either be disappointed and doubt the set goal and the need to achieve it, then sweep aside all experiences and give all your best for the sake of the desired result.

This is normal, but you need to learn to cope with recession periods: during this time, try to rest, relax and reboot if possible simply. Even the movement towards the cherished dream can deprive you of a lot of energy, leaving only apathy and negative emotions, so do not give up after the first rollback.

You don’t understand why you need to change something

All your actions should be based on some meaning. And if you do not see the point in changing your life, most likely, you will not find the strength and motivation to initiate change. Before trying to change something, think about what is behind these changes for you personally.

Get to the bottom of the matter, ask yourself the right leading questions, be honest with yourself, and then your answers will help you decide whether you will move on or stay in the same place.

You are afraid to leave your comfort zone

The comfort zone is not necessarily the place where you will be truly comfortable and calm. This is a place or state you are accustomed to, which you managed to thoroughly study, which no longer scares you because you know exactly what to do and feel.

Even working in a hated job with a low salary, you can be in your comfort zone. But to get out of it, you need to make an effort, come to terms with the fact that you cannot know what lies ahead, take a risk, be ready to make mistakes. If you’re just afraid to step out of your comfort zone, then it’s no surprise that your life doesn’t change in any way. Until you take that very first step, you will be marking time in the same place.

You’re a perfectionist

If you need some change, then forget entirely about your desire to do everything perfectly. It will only slow you down, preventing you from working on mistakes and adequately perceiving your failures.

If you are a perfectionist, you most likely prefer to give up achieving the goal after the first mistake on your part. But remember that you are just a living person, not a soulless machine that does not fail.

You give up ahead of time

To give up ahead of time is a terrible habit that will prevent you from changing your life for the better. Just understand and accept that not all your efforts will certainly turn into success and instant results. You will achieve your goal only if you move forward, despite mistakes, failures, and external and internal obstacles.

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