20 signs of being used by a man

Women’s intuition rarely fails: if it seems that he is using you, you should think hard about whether you need a relationship with a person who makes you doubt yourself.

When you find out that you are being used, nothing good happens. You feel disgusting as if someone spat all over your face. To not find yourself in such a situation, read our points, which will help identify a dishonest man and leave him in time.

How to understand that he is using you

1. Meet when it suits him

Did you notice that when you suggest a meeting time, he always tries to change it to be more convenient for him? This is the first sign that a guy is using you. All your plans, in fact, turned into his plans, and he is available to you only when he has time.

2. He doesn’t say thank you

When you do something for him, he perceives it as if you are doing your duty. If at the same time you have to crumble in gratitude to the slightest manifestation of kindness or the most common act, it’s time to run, girlfriend.

3. You need to ask him about everything

He never does anything by himself. Only by order, after the hundredth request. He will never help you; even if you carry a huge bag of potatoes with him, he will not rock the boat to help. It’s time to leave.

4. He flirts with others

He keeps you with him just like that, just in case and to remember at the moment when he needs it. And, of course, your presence in his life does not prevent him from flirting with other girls.

5. You should, but he shouldn’t

He does not advertise your relationship, flirts with others, and generally does not want to present you as his girlfriend in front of others, but you should not flirt with other guys and generally behave as if you are his faithful wife.

6. Kind only when he needs something

If he is romantic and kind only when he wants to ask you for something, you should run away immediately because perhaps he is manipulating you and trying to use him for his own good.

7. He asks for help but does not help himself

If he constantly asks you for support, help, advice, money, but when you have any problems, he immediately disappears, you should immediately run away from such a boyfriend. Most likely, he is using you.

8. He is the center of the universe

All your relationships revolve around him: you ask how he is doing, how his day was, and his wishes and plans for the evening. But your plans, thoughts, and deeds do not mean anything at all and do not play an important role. Sometimes it seems to you that he is an egoist, and this is really so. It looks like your boyfriend thinks everyone around him is just things that are needed to satisfy his needs.

9. He doesn’t show your relationship

Does he hide you from friends and family, doesn’t want to appear with you in public places, doesn’t greet you at parties, and keeps aloof? Well, it’s time to leave because he keeps you in reserve, and he may already be dating someone.

10. He always needs s*x

Every time you meet, does he insist that you should have s* x? It looks like the guy only needs you for s*x and nothing more.

11. You have to apologize for him

A very bad sign is when you have to make excuses and apologize for your boyfriend’s behavior in front of friends, family, and even strangers. He speaks to you without respect, doesn’t like your friends, and if you have to justify his misbehavior with stress or fatigue, you should consider whether your boyfriend is using you.

12. With him, you feel like nothing

If a boyfriend makes you feel insignificant, reminds you in every possible way that you are nobody and nothing without him, you can’t do anything and do not deserve anything, you should leave him immediately, because he is trying to make you dependent on his opinion.

13. You pay for everything all the time

There is nothing wrong with paying once or twice for dinner, but not when you constantly pay for your partner’s entertainment. And certainly not when he makes full use of your card and makes claims that you are earning too little or spending money on the wrong thing.

14. He constantly puts pressure on you morally

If you feel guilty all the time, if he constantly brings you up like a daddy and scolds you, justifying it by saying that he “cares about you,” you should run away immediately! It seems that he is trying to use you, and that is how he builds his authority in your relationship.

15. He hates your progress

He is annoyed by your career success, your hobbies, good deals, and authority with friends. If a guy uses you, then for him, you are just satisfied with his needs. A refrigerator, a bed, a toilet, you – all this stands in the same row for him.

16. He blackmails you with emotions

Often, girls become attached to a partner and do not understand that the relationship is not developing in the best way. The chosen one can constantly blame you for something but continue to meet. If he tears off negative emotions on you and constantly humiliates you with harsh words, it is better to stop dating such a partner.

17. You have no joint plans

People in a relationship sooner or later begin to make joint plans for the future. If there is nothing like this in your relationship, then it is hardly worth continuing them. A partner who refuses to discuss the future of your relationship will not be a reliable companion.

18. He shows no emotion

Think about how often you hold hands, hug, or show affection for each other? If your chosen one shows coldness, bordering on callousness, in public tries not to touch you, then the relationship can be ended.

19. He does not reveal himself to you

If your intuition tells you that something is wrong in the relationship, trust her. A guy who wears a mask, slowly revealing his essence to you, is unlikely to be very interested in you. Do not jump to conclusions, but take a closer look at the behavior of your chosen one. He may use you until he finds a “suitable party” for himself.

20. He does not keep these promises

 In this case, everything is simple and clear: he does not care about you, and he simply uses you. A person in love will not behave in this way with the object of their adoration.

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