5 African princesses worthy of as much attention as European duchesses

The tabloids are full of news from the life of British duchesses; sometimes, they mention the aristocrats of Europe and practically do not turn their eyes towards Africa. Although in fact, African princesses deserve no less attention than their “colleagues” from other continents.

These African princesses are beautiful and successful, they are trendsetters of fashion and style for the citizens of their countries, and sometimes they are considered almost national heroines.

1. Elizabeth

Princess Toro Elizabeth
©miilkiina.com – Princess Toro Elizabeth

She can rightfully be called the national heroine of the kingdom of Toro, of which she is a princess. She was born back in 1939 and devoted her entire life to a political career and debunking myths about African women.

Elizabeth received an excellent education in the UK, despite the constant pressure of being a member of her race. She always fought for democracy in her country, for which she was repeatedly persecuted in her homeland.

But, no matter how many times she had to flee to a foreign land, she invariably returned to be useful to her country. She was the ambassador of Uganda, first to the United States, then to Germany and the Vatican. Only after the death of her husband, Prince Wilberforce Nyabongo, Elizabeth left active political activity and took up charity work.

2. Keisha Omilana

Keisha Omilana
©Zimbio.com/Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images – Princess Keisha Omilana

She became the idol of many African women due to her style, beauty, and active lifestyle. Keisha was a successful model at the time she met her future husband. True, meeting with him, she did not even know that the sweet and caring young man Kunle Omilana was a real prince. Only two years later, at the time of meeting her lover’s family, Keisha found out who he really was.

By the way, in Nigeria, it is from the moment she meets a man’s relatives that a girl is considered engaged. For 16 years now, Keisha Omilana has been happily married but at the same time prefers to maintain financial independence. She lives with her husband and two children in London.

Senate Mohato Seeiso

Senate Mohato Seeiso
Senate Mohato Seeiso

Maybe the Kingdom of Lesotho will soon adopt a law allowing a woman to become the heir to the throne, but for now, the 20-year-old daughter of King Letsie III is simply conscientiously fulfilling her duties as a member of the royal family.

She is engaged in educational and social activities and leads the same life as many of her peers. However, the princess is quite popular in her country. If the stars converge and the laws are amended, she may well someday become a queen.

Sikhanyiso Dlamini

Sikhanyiso Dlamini
Princess Sikhanyiso Dlamini

The 33-year-old daughter of King Eswatini has never been an exemplary and docile girl. She always tried to become a destroyer of dogmas and had a rebellious character. The eldest daughter Mswati III could well afford to criticize polygamy, while her father has 13 wives and 35 children.

However, this is the most innocent offense of the princess. While studying abroad, and she had a chance to receive documents on graduation from educational institutions in the UK, USA, and Australia, Sikhanyiso was often seen in cheerful companies and even in clothes prohibited in Esvaniti – miniskirts and jeans.

She became a violator of her father’s Umchwasho chastity law and became pregnant out of wedlock. But at the same time, the princess is a real patriot of her country, she devotes a lot of time to educational and charitable activities,

Angela (first African princess in Europe)

Princess Angela of Liechtenstein
Princess Angela of Liechtenstein

She was born not in Africa but in Panama, but it is Angela who is the first woman of African descent to become a member of the ruling dynasty in Europe. Stylist and designer, the founder of her brand A. Brown, graduate of the famous New York Parsons School, and winner of the Oscar de la Renta award, never thought about becoming a princess.

However, Prince Maximilian, whom Angela met in 1997, boldly introduced his future wife to his family and even secured the full approval of his relatives. True, the citizens of the Principality of Liechtenstein were initially shocked by both Angela’s African origin and the fact that she was 11 years older than her husband. However, this does not prevent Angela and Maximilian from being happy for more than 20 years and proud of their son Alfonso, who was born in 2001.

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