5 creepy facts Facebook knows about you without your knowledge

Facebook violates our privacy, which we all know. However, some of us underrate how intrusive it is. Facebook spies on our interests and activities, lifestyle, deepest secrets, and other personal issues that we probably prefer to keep secret.

Facebook is following you so closely that it probably knows you better than you know yourself. Facebook, as you will soon find out, deleting your Facebook account or even refusing to use Facebook or any of its affiliated services, will not stop Facebook from tracking you.

Facebook generates and keeps profile pages for you, even if you don’t use any of the services, and that’s just a pinch of salt on what Facebook tracks on us.

1. Knows your pregnancy status

Knows your pregnancy status

Facebook knows when you are pregnant or may become pregnant, i.e., if you are not yet pregnant. So you shouldn’t be surprised if you start seeing ads for baby care products. Facebook allows advertisers to show ads to pregnant women, and they will target you if they suspect you are one.

Facebook declined to make public how it identifies pregnant women. However, it did say that it rarely uses data from a woman’s status update to determine if they are pregnant.

Facebook has refused to disclose information about how it identifies pregnant women. However, it rarely uses data from a lady’s status update to know whether they are pregnant.

This revelation is very creepy, although it should be comforting. Status updates should be the most feasible way to know if a woman is pregnant, shouldn’t it? It even contradicts what Facebook has told the advertiser about how it identifies pregnant women.

2. Knows when you breakups

Knows when you breakups

Going back to relationships, Facebook can anticipate when you and your partner will break up, even before you are aware of it. So rest assured that by the time you start seeing dating website ads in your newsfeed, the breakup has already begun. You’re either tightening those loose ends, or you’re just clicking on the ads to try your luck with someone else.

Facebook doesn’t anticipate your breakups based on photos of you with your loved ones or how often you talk to each other. Instead, it identifies it based on the relationship between your mutual friends and your lover’s close friends. If you and your loved one have many mutual friends and close to your partner’s close friends, Facebook considers your relationship to be healthy.

However, if you don’t have many friends in common and your partner is far from your close friends, then there is a good chance that your relationship is going south. Facebook knows that such relationships barely last two months before fading away.

3. Knows your existence

Knows your existence

Some people don’t use Facebook or have deleted their accounts for privacy reasons. However, this doesn’t imply that they’re free from Facebook curiosity. Facebook cares about your business, even if you do not use its services. The giant company knows your existence and has probably created a Facebook profile for you.

Everybody has a Facebook profile as long as they have friends, friends of friends, friends of friends of friends, etc.. who use Facebook. These so-called hidden profiles are not visible to the naked eye, as they only exist on Facebook’s servers.

Let’s assume a suppose scenario where you don’t use Facebook, but your friends do so. Facebook uploads and stores its contacts on its servers when you sign up. It then links these phone numbers to existing Facebook users and suggests that you add them as friends. This is the “people you may know” feature we see in the family feed.

4. Knows your love life

 Knows your love life

Facebook knows when you’re in love months before you officially post on your profile or wall. Thanks to years of analysis of billions of data, Facebook can accurately predict two potential lovers’ behavior.

It knows something is brewing when it notices a sudden increase in comments and engagement between two people. Potential lovers start leaving an average of 1.53 posts per day on each other’s wall 85 days before their relationship is official.

This will increase to 1.67 posts per day in the 12 days before the relationship starts.

5. Your sleeping mode

Your sleeping mode

Facebook knows when you are sleeping, and when you are awake. If you don’t have a problem with this, wait until you hear that it has made this data publicly available to everyone. Anyone who can write a little code to get this information out of Facebook’s messenger will know your sleeping mode.

Messenger contains features that detect when you’re using the app on any of your devices. By writing code to check everyone’s status on the friend’s list, a person can know when their friends are online, offline, or on standby. They can use this information to determine when they are awake and asleep.

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