5 signs the job you’re applying for is a nightmare

Yes, you are invited for an interview! Then pay close attention. We are often so busy selling ourselves when applying for a job that we forget to look carefully at whether the job matches us. Of course, you can never know for sure. But you can keep an eye out for these red flags during the application process.

These signs indicate not only that the job is not a match for you, but probably even that it will turn into a nightmare.

Here are five signs you shouldn’t ignore.

They really want you

It’s flattering when a company wants you. But beware if you get the feeling that the person in front of you is trying very hard to convince you to come and work here during the interview. Chances are they are in desperate need of people and have a hard time finding people. The question is: why is that so?

Good questions get vague answers

When you get vague answers to questions like ‘Why did this position become vacant?’ or ‘How is the work culture?’ is that a red flag. Either they don’t know the answer and the company isn’t organized, or they don’t want to give you the answer.

No 9 to 5 mentality

When explicitly asked about people without a 9 to 5 mentality, you already know what time it is. Especially if the person you are interviewing with also asks that and informs you that you are not being paid for overtime.

It makes sense that employers don’t want employees staring at the clock from ten to five, but beware if this point is constantly emphasized when applying for a job. This is a big red flag if your work-life balance is sacred.

The company is not giving you the attention or time you deserve

If your interview is rescheduled, the person you’ll be interviewing is late, unprepared, or has to take ‘just a phone call,’ it’s not a good sign. Be sure to think twice if this will be your supervisor because chances are he or she won’t have time for you once you work there.

You don’t get a good feeling from the office and the people

It is sometimes difficult to pay attention to this when you are nervous, but try to really pay attention to whether you will be a match here during a job interview.

Do you click with the person asking you questions? Do you see people walking past grumpy? How modern or old-fashioned does the office look?

If you don’t get a good feeling about the office and the people when you apply there, you probably won’t.

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