5 tips to stop worrying about other people’s opinions

Many people let the opinions of others guide their lives. You may wonder what you do in life once someone doesn’t approve of it.

How much time do you devote to worrying about what others think of you and what you do? If you care, this could be your biggest source of anxiety and stress.

Concern about the opinion of others

If you don’t let your life be guided by what others think of you, the result is a life that can make you happy. Of course, you still ask for advice from people you trust and look up to. The choice is yours whether you take advice or not. You ultimately draw your own plan. In the end you can state that you are yourself in every situation.

Detach yourself from the judgment and/or expectations of others. We’re not saying you shouldn’t care at all what others think of you. After all, you would never want to do anything to abandon or hurt the people you love. But trying to please your so-called “friends” with all your actions is ridiculous.

Focus on yourself. But how do you start with this? How can you better ensure that the opinions of others do not determine who you are or what your life will look like?

Their opinion is just an opinion

If you don’t want the opinion of others to matter much to you anymore, you have to realize that the opinion of others is just an opinion.

It’s always important to have the opinion of those who want the best for you, but trying to keep everyone happy so they like you is just fake behaviour and bad for your mental health.

Start respecting your own opinion

Respect is a fundamental attitude that we as humans should all have. Respect for others but especially for yourself. It is suitable for your conscience, for the conscience of others, but above all for your self-esteem. It makes you grow, learn new things and see the world differently.

Everyone will have their own opinion on a specific subject, and everyone will undoubtedly have their view on something. Is that punishable? Not! After all, diversity of opinions allows you to learn from each other.

What you do with that opinion afterwards is entirely up to you. Either you put it aside in a respectful way, or you take it in. If you’re having difficulty figuring out what’s going on up there, write it down. Grab a paper and pen and start writing. It doesn’t have to be about anything, and nobody has to read it.

When you are entirely unsubscribed, you can read your own thoughts again. Then choose for yourself which ones you want to keep and which ones don’t suit you

Build your confidence

You can do some things to build your confidence, for example, by keeping all your agreements with yourself. The more often you keep to agreements with yourself, the more confidence you have in yourself.

Self-confidence and self-esteem have a lot to do with whether you are competent enough. Work on yourself a lot, so try to improve daily.

For example, learn something new can boost your self-confidence. By acquiring a new set of skills, you can upgrade your confidence and dramatically increase your self-esteem.

Does everyone have to like you?

If everyone likes you, you don’t have a personality. It’s impossible to please everyone. If you want to, you have to adapt to each person, take on new roles and constantly keep track of what you can or cannot say or do with this person.

There’s no point in trying to make everyone like you. You’ll never keep it up anyway. It doesn’t matter if others like you; as long as you like yourself, you will find your group from there.

Who do you live for?

You live for yourself, not for others. Realize that you are the captain of your ship (life) and no one else. Will you give the helm to someone else, or will you sail yourself? Some people try to hold onto an image all their lives so that people like them.

Wouldn’t you rather live the life you want? And that you are happy with who you are? Trying to hold onto an image is exhausting and pointless. You have to start with what you want out of life.

The point is, if you don’t start doing what you want to do now, you probably never will. You will only care about what other people think, and one day you will regret it.

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