5 ways to increase your likeability with your (new) friends

Increasing your likeability with your friends: it may sound weird, but most people ultimately want to be liked. After all, a person is a group animal and does not like to be alone.

While your friends are, of course, your friends for a reason and most likely already like you (why else are they your friends?), there are a few ways to increase your likeability, according to psychology. Still quite useful if, for example, you are trying to make new friends.

Increase your likeability with your friends

The phenomenon of ‘being liked’ was already researched in 1959. A personal quiz was then done in which the participants knew that certain people in the group liked them.

When pairs had to be made, they were more likely to choose people they thought liked them too. Typical… But more recently, a similar study has been done, but with strangers. People liked strangers more quickly if they thought the other person liked them too.

5 simple ways to network (even if you’re shy!)

We do find it necessary how others see us. Diving into psychology, there are a few ways to influence how someone else sees you and be a more likable friend.

Of course, you don’t have to pretend to be other than you are (better not), but it will come in handy when you make new friends, for example.

Here are 5 ways to be liked(er) by friends:

Tell the other you want to see him/her

If you meet up with a friend, don’t just say when you can, but also let the other person know that you feel like the appointment. If you live in a new city or make new friends, you will have to be vulnerable.

Therefore, if someone else asks if you want to meet up, it’s a good (and friendly) idea to reward that gesture with your vulnerability by saying that you were happy with the message or are looking forward to the meeting.

Give compliments

It’s always a good idea to compliment your friends. Has the other achieved anything? Do they look good, or did the person help you? Let the other know what you think about him or her. It is always appreciated!

Be there for the other person

Do you want to be a good friend? Then know that a good friend is always there for another, in good times and bad times. If the other person is going through a breakup or grieving period, let them know that you are there for them and not alone.

Celebrate life!

Celebrating good news is incredibly important in building friendships, this research found. It even provides more bonding than being there for each other in bad times; it turned out. Bizarre!

If the other person has something to celebrate, don’t let it pass unnoticed!

Turn the roles over

People are naturally very busy with themselves: why doesn’t someone text me back? Why am I not invited? How do I get across? But reverse the roles: how do you make someone else feel appreciated? Do you also make others feel welcome? How well do you listen to others?

You can influence and steer your behavior so much; in the end, more things play into how others think about you. Stay with yourself, be kind to others and be kind to yourself. Then you automatically attract the right people. And a good reminder: luckily you don’t have to be friends with everyone. But knowing how your psychology works is sometimes quite helpful!

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