How do you maintain bond with your colleagues in time of corona?

Due to homework and technical unemployment, many of us are forced to miss our colleagues. It’s a pity if you know that we usually have friends walking around at work.

We went looking for tips to keep the team spirit high from a distance.

1. Talk about your home situation

According to a study, more than 2 in 3 people also consider some of their colleagues as friends. 14% of the respondents even have colleagues who are close friends. And of course, you don’t just talk to your friends about work. It is at least as important – especially in these uncertain times – to speak to your colleagues about your home situation.

Working from home and taking care of your children is not always a distinct combination. It undoubtedly provides food for delightful anecdotes, but can also be an outlet.

2. Pause together

You should miss that chat at the coffee machine, but why not take a break with your colleagues? Pick a time and an app for video calling, and you’re off. You can also have lunch together or close the working day, while you see and hear each other online.

3. Keep your regular team meeting

Do you have a weekly meeting at work at a specific time? Keep doing that remotely. This way, you maintain social contact and structure. If there are no urgent matters to discuss, you can also check how everyone is doing at that moment.

4. Start a joint project

By pursuing the same goal together, you make even more connections. Such a project can be quite challenging. It can be something purely work-related, or you can try to contribute to this crisis, just like countless other people. It will only strengthen the mutual bond, even if everyone does it from their room.

5. Avoid internal competition

A playful challenge has a binding effect. Social media is, therefore, full of videos of people who currently challenge colleagues for everything and anything. Note: keep it light. This is really not the ideal time to compete professionally with certain colleagues or to escalate annoyances or harassments that have been going on for some time. Many people have a hard time with what is happening, so try to remain extra positive, appreciative, and constructive in your relationships with your colleagues. 

6. List the problems if they are there

Communication always remains the best option, even if there is bad news, for example. It is not enough to “You can do this!” to shout if your colleague doesn’t like it anymore. Take someone’s questions, concerns, and doubts seriously. Showing empathy is often a good start to help.

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