Terrible: 5-year-old girl molested by a 45-year-old man

A helpless five-year-old girl has just been the victim of a heinous abuse committed by a 45-year-old man while she was hawking her sachet water. The scene took place Monday, March 04, 2019, in Cotonou at the bus station of Hinde.

In Africa, a sexual abuse case often happens to the poor and little girls mostly hawkers. Unfortunately, the cry of these molested children is often stifled or neglected by families, the environment and also the authorities. As a result, when they are victims of certain abuse, justice is hardly served when there is no evidence to convict anyone.

Fortunately, the case of this little girl has been examined by the authorities of her country.

The elderly man, whose identity was not revealed, had sex with the 5-year-old girl. According to local media sources, the alleged perpetrator who acknowledged the facts that he took advantage of a backlog problem to molest the girl.

5-year-old girl molested by a 45-year-old man

Indeed, for taking a bag of sachet water that costs 25f CFA, he gave a 100f CFA coin. The poor girl had no balance on her but begged for some minutes to look for where to split the denomination but to no avail. The innocent teen girl offered to follow him to get her money back. When he arrived at the bus station, he dragged the girl into a compound and utilized the opportunity and sexually abuse her.

5-year-old girl molested by a 45-year-old man
©VOA РLittle girl hawking sachet water in Northern Nigeria

His evil act was discovered by the neighborhood through the abnormal gait of the young girl when she left the concession. Immediately, the man was arrested and knocked out of questions. After a few minutes, he has confessed by telling the story of he devoured his victim.

5-year-old girl molested by a 45-year-old man
Little girl hawking sachet water in Ghana

The 45-year-old abuser was immediately handed over to the police and the girl was taken to a health center for proper care.

5-year-old girl molested by a 45-year-old man
Little girls hawking in Africa

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