6 things you shouldn’t do before making love

Good lovemaking never hurts, but the adage still applies: good preparation is half the battle. In that case, do not only consider things that increase the atmosphere, but leave out those that can seriously spoil the atmosphere.

There are more things than you might think, by the way. To save you from numerous blunders, we list the most common mistakes.

1. Avoid spicy food and heavy dining

That you like a spicy meal is up to that point. However, if you’re planning to spice things up in the bedroom, it’s best to omit the chilli and sambal. That may have little to do with the effect on your performance in bed, but consuming a spicy meal can spoil the lust.

Do not worry. We don’t mean it will lower your potency, but making a number with heartburn is anything but pleasant. Moreover, spicy food also causes a fair amount of flatulence. In short, please don’t do it.

2. Shaving for the deed

Most women appreciate it when your hygiene leaves nothing to be desired. In short, if you also shave your pubic hair, those are already bonus points. That rule doesn’t always hold. If you think you are wise by spoiling yourself with a shave right before the act, then you should reconsider this.

By shaving, you unconsciously cause tiny wounds. Usually, you don’t notice this, but you are extra susceptible to bacteria and viruses during an exciting night. If there is a one-night stand, even if you use protection, you run an additional risk of an S.T. Disease. You really can’t wait for that.

3. Don’t take antihistamines

Having an allergy is annoying enough. But don’t take the medication for your allergy for a while unless it’s necessary. Antihistamines work perfectly when fighting hay fever complaints, for example, but they can also negatively affect

. Such medication limits the moisture in the mucous membranes, and yes, they are also in your gen!tals.

4. Drink a lot of alcohol

That alcohol makes it easier for you to make contact, that’s fine. The downside is that it also affects your effectiveness. For women, there is another disadvantage: alcohol also reduces fluid production.

Furthermore, getting an orga*m can be quite a challenge if you have had too much to drink. So if you want to perform well, stick to a beer or a glass of white wine.

5. Limit your fitness activities

Exercising is healthy, and we are certainly not going to advise you to stop visiting the gym. However, if you train fanatically, this can make for less impressive performances in bed.

Therefore, intensive training should be limited to 40-45 minutes and a maximum of two to three times a week. Research has shown that regular, less intense exercise improves your bedtime performance.

6. Brushing or flossing your teeth

Of course, nothing beats well-groomed and healthy teeth. This often means brushing and flossing where necessary. Most women appreciate well-maintained and healthy teeth.

If you’re preparing for the night of your life, limit it to playing with mouthwash. Brushing your teeth before deed – especially with an electric toothbrush – is not recommended. Just like shaving your pubic hair, it causes minor wounds. So if you plan to spoil her orally for a long time, it is better to prevent such wounds.

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