5 truths about men that women realize too late

For some reason, women think that they can control men, make scandals, exploit and constantly demand something.

Only over the years, many begin to understand that they were utterly wrong in their thoughts. So why not learn a few truths about men in advance?

1. A man is a separate person

Most women are sincerely convinced that men should fulfill all their whims and desires. At first, any man will do everything to seem perfect. Therefore, all requests and desires will be fulfilled.

Over time, men begin to understand that they are required of them, without giving anything in return. At the same time, “Wishlist” only gets stronger over the years. And when a man realizes that he no longer wants to do anything for the sake of his chosen one, it may be too late.

2. A man can easily find another lady for himself

For some reason, women forget that there are very few good men

. For example, how to find a good man, without complexes, with good earnings after 30?

There are a lot of women who want to find such a partner. Therefore, any man can easily find a new darling for himself. He has a choice, although many women do not understand it.

3. Own money should be

Some women are entirely financially dependent on their men. Their desire can be easily explained because not everyone wants to work, think about finances, constantly procrastinate and plan. But what happens if a break occurs?

A man will not support his other half financially. Therefore, every woman should have a financial safety cushion and a job, thanks to everyday life.

4. Men need an interesting soul mate

Everyone knows that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Is that all? It is essential for a man that there is a woman next to him with whom he can talk about an interesting topic or have a little fun.

Any woman needs to maintain balance. For example, one day you can put things in order at home, and the next day you can go to the park for a walk. Men don’t like it if their woman is boring. Of course, not all women are ready to fulfill the wishes of men. But if you want to keep the relationship, are there any other options?

5. You can not wash dirty linen in public

Immediately after a fight, many women start calling their girlfriends and talking about their negative qualities. Complaining about hard life and washing the bones of your partner is a favorite pastime of many.

Only with time will the understanding come that this option for resolving disputes is terrible.

Any quarrels and conflicts must be resolved within the relationship without telling everyone around them about them. By building a banal dialogue, you can find compromises and create the perfect union

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