7 signs that someone drunk or high wrote the message

Sometimes you receive messages that are so weird that it gives the impression that someone had their phone taken away from them and is trying to be funny by texting you a series of words that make no sense. Even worse, if the message contains any subtext, such as flirting, pity, or insult. When something like this happens, you become uneasy and find that you don’t want to respond. The following characteristics are obvious signs that the sender of this message was drunk or high at the time it was sent.

1. The message comes at midnight

Or at a later time, but in any case, at a late hour and coming from a person who is not typically featured in these types of newsletters. As a general rule, if this person does not write and does not respond after that time, and now all of a sudden comes to a wall of text or a strange question, there is a high probability that this person is drunk and needs to speak out. Several attempts to reach you before sending a message at this late hour, in particular, suggest a drunken state. If you don’t respond, the person may send you a constant stream of messages asking questions like, “Are you awake?” or “Why aren’t you answering?”

2. The text is filled with strange typos

Literacy is more of a privilege than a characteristic that most people in today’s society hold. It is already commendable behaviour if a person uses at least one comma in a sentence and avoids using words for which they are unsure of the meaning or which are being used in an inappropriate context.

Because it is difficult to hit the small keys on the screen when you are drunk, we will talk about something else here, which is a strange mistake. Some examples of these mistakes include sentences that are too long, using simple words in inappropriate contexts, and breaking words up into one or more parts.

3. They will try to persuade you that the person you are communicating with is not intoxicated

Will you still mention that you aren’t drunk in a text, even if your thoughts are so weird that they should be discussed with a psychologist or psychiatrist? Almost certainly not. But a drunk person will, and he may do it multiple times throughout a short story. In this scenario, there is a good chance that he is drunk or high but not yet completely out of his mind. This is because he is aware that the meaning he is trying to communicate may be distorted as a result of the effects of alcohol and that he feels the need to defend his actions.

4. The message will contain unexpected information

Again, alcohol is a liberating substance because it causes people to lose concern for the outcomes of the statements they make. Suppose all of the aforementioned conditions are met, in addition to occasionally shocking revelations. In that case, there is a high probability that your interlocutor wrote this after consuming a few glasses of hot liquor, which gave him the confidence to speak his mind.

5. Either it means nothing at all

In contrast to the previous point, some people’s thoughts, while intoxicated, cannot form into a coherent idea. Instead, all they can do is dump a flood of incoherent consciousness on the person they are chatting to, continually repeating the same idea in different interpretations. And each time the sender corrects himself, not realizing that he is saying the same thing, the recipient receives the same message.

6. The message came from a person you haven’t communicated with in a very long time

There are three possible explanations for this: either he has nobody else to talk to, and he found you at the far end of the list of interlocutors; he was hacked, and you will be asked for a loan supposedly on his behalf; or they are drunk and decided to pour out their soul to someone who it is safe to do so without consequences, at least in a close circle. If you do not coexist in the same group of society, it is much simpler for him or her to speak out because, in this way, there will be no awkward situations in real life. However, if you do not coexist in the same group, it is much more difficult for him or her to speak out.

7. The message will be sent and deleted dozens of times before being sent again

Being drunk makes it difficult to keep track of your thoughts and to form good judgments in the here and now because it impairs your ability to concentrate. A drunk person may believe that they have written a masterwork, but upon further inspection, the text will be revealed to be a stream of consciousness that makes no sense. After that, he deletes the text and writes it again to avoid causing outrage; however, the sentences he writes this time are also poorly constructed or make an odd sense. This process can be repeated an unlimited number of times until the message’s recipient considers it readable or unreadable.

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