7th term: Paul Biya sworn in on Tuesday as president of Cameroon

In Cameroon, Paul Biya declared winner of the last presidential election with 71.28% of votes, will be invested this 06 November in the National Assembly for a 7th term.

An oath taking place in a tense context, marked by challenges to the victory of Paul Biya by the militants of the MRC.

The mayor of Yaoundé has asked residents and dance groups to go out en masse to ovation the head of state along the route he will take to go to the National Assembly where the ceremony is scheduled for 11 hr according to a statement from the presidency.

Paul Biya is sworn in a rather tense political and social context, marked in particular by the security crisis in the English-speaking regions.

Latest news of this crisis, 82 people, including 79 students, were abducted by unidentified gunmen in Bamenda, capital of the English-speaking region of North-West.

The men broke into Presbyterian Secondary School, a Protestant facility. The search for the hostages was launched. In a video “eleven teenagers of fifteen years have declined one by one, in English, their identity, and say they were kidnapped by the “Amba boys”, the English separatists,” according to AFP.

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