A mother offers her daughter to a restaurant owner to use as meat

The love of a mother for her child is unconditional, she could even give her life to protect her offspring according to many beliefs, but it seems that this does not apply to all mothers.

Some are so ‘greedy’ that they are even ready to take the lives of their offspring to an end and that just for material good. This is the case of this mother in Cameroon who pays the chronicle currently.

The remains of a little girl were found at a restaurant in Eleveur, Yaoundé, Cameroon on August 29th.

According to lindaikejisblog, the owner of a small restaurant ‘Jesus Restaurant’ very popular with local residents, would sell a plate of food made of human flesh for 750 francs. This incredible discovery was made after investigations. The manager made it clear that it was the mother of the murdered girl who offered her the head of her daughter in exchange for documents to travel abroad.

The mother named Jeanne, first denied the facts before confessing his act macabre under the pressure of the angry population.

Following this discovery, the people of the indignant neighbourhood believe hard that all this time, they would have consumed human flesh rather than beef as they always believed.

The owner of the restaurant who is a Nigerian and the mother of the deceased are currently at the police station for further investigation to find out whether it is an isolated case or a network of human organ trafficking.

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