Adventurers set out to find a mysterious monolith in remote terrain

In just two days, it took adventurer David Surber to locate the mysterious monolith in a remote region of Utah. Less than 48 hours after two helicopter pilots shared their find with the outside world, the intrepid traveler also shared his photo of the metal object on social media. More and more brave seem to find their way to the object now.

Last week, the helicopter crew struck a remarkable object in a remote area in the US state of Utah. Their search for bighorn sheep became so suddenly more interesting when it came to a mysterious metal structure in the middle of the desert.

At first, the two pilots did not want to share the exact location of the structure in the desert of Red Rock. They wanted to prevent inexperienced tourists from attempting to take a selfie near the metal object. According to the two pilots, the find is located deep in a remote region, and the chance of getting lost or accidents is too great.

Yet it was that secret mystery that attracted other adventurers. Just 48 hours after the news got out, photos of other travelers appeared on social media. One of the first in that battle for the first photos was 33-year-old David Surber, a former US Army officer.

He drove in the night desert for six hours to find a bizarre object. “Great trip to the monolith today,” he wrote on Instagram with a photo of his find. “Whoever built it or wherever it comes from, it was nice to relax about current events for a while.

Although Surber was initially alone at the object, other travelers arrived ten minutes later. After the adventurer shared the coordinates on Instagram and Reddit, more and more brave photos who also venture on the trek are emerging.

Metal block

According to Surber, the object looks like a large aluminum construction consisting of three pieces that are joined together. Various theories are already circulating about where that monolith exactly comes from, some suggestions being more credible than others.

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