After years of absence: Jennifer Lawrence enters social media

There she is: Jennifer Lawrence (29) just created an account on Twitter. With that, she breaks through her long absence on social media. Whether we will read a lot of personal messages is still the question, because the Hollywood actress mainly uses the account to speak out against injustice.

Jennifer Lawrence has played an active role in Represent Us for years. The organization is committed to “pursuing federal reforms” related to elections. With her Twitter account, she wants to use her reputation to highlight the organization.

In her first tweet, Lawrence shared a video with actor Omar Epps about the high percentage of black men incarcerated in America. ‘Nearly 1 in 4 Black men in America will be locked up at some point in their life,’ she writes.


Lawrence’s second tweet contains a personal letter, in which the actress calls for justice around the death of Breonna Taylor, the woman who was killed on March 13 by police brutality.

Breonna and her friend Kenneth Walker were in their own homes when police raided the night at the wrong address looking for someone who had been detained hours earlier.

Taylor was shot eight times. She was 26. No arrests were made in Taylor’s case, and Louisville Metro Police still employ the officers responsible for her death.

“As a Louisvillian, as a human being, I can’t be silent,” Kentucky-born Lawrence wrote on Wednesday. “I join all those who speak out against this serious injustice and call on Attorney General Daniel Cameron to take immediate action and bring those responsible for her death to justice.”

Lawrence notes that the longer it takes the officers involved in Taylor’s arrest to be arrested, “the more confidence in the law enforcement agencies is shattered.”

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