Airlines are canceling connections to South Africa

Several airlines have reduced or even canceled their connections to South Africa now that the coronavirus’s new South African variant is causing unrest. More and more countries are closing their doors to travelers from that country.

For example, the Emirates Airline will suspend all flights to South Africa for twelve days from Saturday. In turn, the Dutch KLM decided to change the flight schedule after the Netherlands imposed travel restrictions for travelers from South Africa. The German Lufthansa also says it will adjust its flight schedule. According to society, demand has also fallen sharply.

A new variant of the coronavirus has surfaced in South Africa, which has already become dominant. Because of this more contagious variant, the government has taken stricter measures.

The schools will open two weeks later than planned, not until February 15. South Africa hopes this will bring the number of corona infections under control and relieve the health system.

Since January 1, the country has already had 240,000 infections. Since the start of the pandemic, there have been 1.3 million cases, with more than 35,500 people dying from Covid-19.

South Africa is, therefore, the most affected country in Africa

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