Are we too different to make it work? What to do

Do you abserved that your friend is too different to make it work? Certainly, your partner is not your clone. If you have been together for a long time, it is normal to have disagreements. But if you do not fit in essential things, then communication becomes almost impossible.

When you disagree with a couple, it is essential to discuss it. In some cases, compromise is impossible, and that will make it too different to make it work. In other cases, you can not understand the situation. Either way, if you do not deal with the problem, it will worsen in the long run, and you will not solve it.

However, somewhere here, there is a trap, since when people start a relationship, they may be willing to make sacrifices because they want to please their partner. But in the end, the balance is lost, it becomes hard and seems to make it work. so one of them gets tired, and the relationship becomes unpleasant.

Do not quickly believe it is too different to make it work. You may give up a few things in the name of love, but if core values are at stake, then it is most likely to create a rift in the relationship.

So below, you will learn what to do if you think your partner is too different to make it work.

Discuss your expectations and limits

If you find that you disagree on several issues with your partner, instead of arguing, work together to win something you both want. Making a change does not seem scary if you do not feel like losing.

You both have to give something

Instead of sacrificing everything yourself, ask your partner to make a small sacrifice so that there is harmony. Everyone may need to change something to suit each other’s lifestyle. But the key is not to feel the change as a sacrifice but to be willing to compromise to strengthen your relationship.

Disagreements are expected in a relationship, but if you expect the other person to change their beliefs about you being together, it is entirely different. It is essential to learn to respect your partner and accept the diversity of his character.

Let the differences bring you closer to your partner

It is almost impossible to find two people who do everything in the same way. Being different from your partner can make the relationship more fun and exciting and it becomes easier to make it work. You may have the opportunity to look at things differently or try something you would not try for yourself.

Finally, compromise on both sides is a normal consequence of two people being different. But if you are willing to make changes, then the only thing you will achieve is to make your relationship stronger.

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