Are you making these 5 common financial mistakes in your relationship?

Arguing over money is one of the most evident predictors of divorce, research shows. To not let things get that far, things must be right in this area as early as possible in the relationship. Therefore, make sure you don’t make these 5 financial mistakes in your relationship for your happily ever after.

Of course, we also tell you how you can prevent these problems in the future.

Financial errors relationship

Be careful that these 5 common financial mistakes don’t end your relationship.

Don’t talk about money

The most common mistake among couples? Never talk about money matters at all. And we get it: it can be pretty uncomfortable to talk about money. Even (and maybe especially) with the person you care about most.

But there’s a reason money is one of the most common reasons couples argue. If you don’t talk about it and don’t make concrete agreements, it will probably lead to frustration because you have different expectations of how you handle money.

Don’t plan for the long term

This is a mistake many people make not only in their relationship but also on an individual level. Especially when you live from payslip to payslip, it isn’t easy to look ahead.

But the sooner you start saving for your long-term goals, the easier you make it on yourself.

Being dishonest about money problems

When you lie about purchases you’ve made, that’s wrong. It’s probably because you’re ashamed or don’t want your partner to worry anymore, but it’s important always to be honest about money


The trust is gone when your partner finds out. Not just in terms of finances, but in your entire relationship.

Keeping finances separate

Okay, we’re not saying you two should lump your salaries together. How exactly you arrange your finances is entirely up to you. But keeping your finances completely separate is not a good idea and a common mistake in a relationship.

Not only because you have to pay things like rent and groceries together, but also because at some point, you come up with savings goals that you have to work towards.

Giving one person all the responsibility

When you’re in a serious relationship, it’s okay if you split the tasks a bit. For example, your partner is the one who cooks, and you always vacuum: you get the point. Often couples also make one person responsible for money matters. But finances are so important that you both need to know exactly where you stand.

An excellent solution to keep your relationship sound from many of these mistakes? Schedule a money date now and then. Pour a nice glass of wine, grab a serving board and discuss in about 15 minutes how you are doing and where the money has been spent this month. Your money date then slowly flows into an expected date.

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