Assistance dog Raider helps 12 children during emotional lawsuit

The twelve American children who were abused by their parents for years received much support from assistance dog Raider during the trial. The Labrador Retriever was their support and welcome during their testimonies. Their parents, David and Louise Turpin, were sentenced to life imprisonment.

The children spent the majority of their lives chained to their beds. Two of the children testified during the session how they were abused, tied up and starved by their parents for years. During their story, Raider lay with them to be petted. Ever since the escape from the horror house of their parents, the dog has been the great support of the twelve children.

In tears

Daughter Jennifer (30) and son Joshua (27), among others, took the floor during the session. They described how their parents abused them and their brothers and sisters. Testimonials whose parents burst into tears themselves.

“My parents have taken my whole life,” said Jennifer. “But now I finally take matters into my own hands. I now live in an apartment and go to school. I believe that everything happens for a reason. I think it was God’s will and that is not always understandable. What happened has made me strong. I fought to become the person I am today. I am a fighter.”

Assistance dog Raider helps 12 children during emotional lawsuit
©AP – Louise Turpin and her husband David during the trial.

During their emotional testimonies, the children were able to stroke Raider one by one. Allegedly they had asked the authorities themselves to admit the dog to court to help them during the trial.

Open arms

“We have assisted the Turpin children from the beginning”, as Raider’s Facebook page said. “They welcomed me with open arms. They have given me so much love. I wish them all the strength and courage for the future. And I hope to see them again someday.”

Assistance dog Raider helps 12 children during emotional lawsuit
©Facebook – Assistance Dog Raider.

The three-year-old Labrador has been specially trained to comfort and assist traumatized victims and witnesses. David and Louise Turpin pleaded guilty to all charges yesterday and have received a life sentence. According to lawyer Jack Osborn, the children are doing well physically.

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