Best honeymoon destinations: Top 10 countries to visit

Long gone are the days when a magnificent wedding was considered the guarantee of prosperity and a happy life: with a limousine, a toastmaster, a sea of champagne, and a bunch of guests, sometimes barely familiar to the bride and groom.

Today, the newlyweds, mainly from rational motives, strive to save money on organizing the celebration. After the official strengthening of relations in the registry office, they can go on an unforgettable journey to provide only to each other.

Best honeymoon destinations this year



Mauritius, Tucked away in the waters of the Indian Ocean, the tiny island nation rank by the National Tourism Union. In recent years, this destination has gained popularity among European tourists, one of the most beautiful and expensive resorts.

The island is like a honeymoon destination: privacy, mild climate, fabulous beaches, calm ocean, and excellent service. Get tired of sitting on the beach. You can go to the southwest of the island, where there is a unique natural attraction – dunes, consisting of sands of seven different colors, reminiscent of paintings by surrealist artists.

Many hotels on the island readily offer honeymooners substantial discounts, sometimes up to 50%, and free additional services, such as spa treatment or massage, so leaving Mauritius with unpleasant memories is almost impossible.



What could be more romantic than travel to fabulous Seychelles? Probably, this destination has no drawbacks, except for the high cost. But if you can afford a vacation on the paradise islands in the Indian Ocean, then there should be no doubts about the choice: a honeymoon in Seychelles will be a great prologue to long and happy family life. A huge plus is a climate that pleases all year round, so you can get married at any time, without thinking that the subsequent honeymoon can darken by lousy weather.

Alas, for fans of a culturally rich holiday, the islands may seem boring since there are no unique attractions there, but there is no horde of ubiquitous Chinese, as well as crowds of other tourists. Moreover, the absence of historical monuments quickly compensates by the fantastic nature, the purest white beaches, and the warm, crystal clear ocean.



How about a honeymoon trip to Cuba? Legendary beaches that attract tourists with their cleanliness and picturesque views, a significantly developed infrastructure, the creators of which thought about the newlyweds: romantic restaurants on the seashore, theme parks, intelligent distribution of beaches so that visitors do not feel like they are in a densely populated place – all this, Along with the national flavor of Cuba, it will brighten up your honeymoon and give a bunch of pleasant impressions that will be pleasant to remember when looking through memorable photos.



Young people associate France with romance, passion, and kissing – why not a great place for a honeymoon? Luxury hotels allow you to enjoy each other in a cozy atmosphere with a glass of excellent wine, while those who crave sea and sand will find enticing beaches.

The newlyweds will be able to complete their wedding fairy tale in boutiques, delighting themselves with gifts. In this country, several types of recreation so harmoniously combine, which makes it a “universal” participant in the rating.



Roman streets will welcome newlyweds with open arms and share their happiness, offering fabulous local cuisine, unique flavor, premium wines, and lots of places to take stylish souvenir photos. Lovers must visit Venice, filled with romance, as well as the snow-white beaches of Tuscany and local restaurants offering exquisite wines, famous all over the world.

Sometimes it seems that the cute, cozy architecture of Italian cities creates so that couples intoxicated with love (and wine) roam around them, studying local cultural monuments and holding hands tightly. And the picturesque landscapes will brighten up those moments when you travel between cities by car.



For those who want to make their honeymoon not only unforgettable but also original, the Land of the Rising Sun is perfect. The tourist infrastructure of this state has all the resources to ensure that your honeymoon trip is at the highest level: the newlyweds will have a high-tech environment that has absorbed the atmosphere of the Japanese people’s ancient traditions; a mixture will not leave anyone indifferent. Get ready for pleasant contrasts: pagodas and the so-called “gates of spirits,” which are an integral part of the culture, will suddenly be replaced by skyscrapers and high-speed trains, and the national baths Furo – state-of-the-art spas.



Turn your honeymoon trip into a great movie by spending it in one of (or several) states of America. For example, by choosing Florida, a sunny land with beautiful beaches, you can walk hand in hand in Miami, take part in beach parties, have a romantic dinner on the roof of a fashionable restaurant, admiring mesmerizing views, and visit the famous Walt Disney Park while immersing together in one big fairy tale.



Mexico will help you avoid a trivial honeymoon trip – it does not take exotic things: on the territory of this destination, Hawaiian, Caribbean, and Indian cultures have mixed, which has formed a unique flavor that attracts and makes tourists fall in love with them.

Mexico will meet newlyweds with tropical jungles, pyramids of ancient Indian civilizations, clean beaches where you can not only splash in the water but also go snorkeling or diving together. The local cuisine also plays with bright colors, including a rich assortment of dishes and more than 300 varieties of tequila. And if the newlyweds want a drive, their route must pass through Acapulco, famous for its breathtaking parties.



If you want your holiday in complete seclusion to the sound of silence, then Ilha Grande is your choice. Cars prohibit the resort’s territory, and the ban applies to everyone, without any exceptions. Ilha Grande is a tropical island with fantastic beaches surrounded by pure wilderness. The most picturesque of them, Lopez Mendes, is famous for its small restaurants, where locals prepare freshly caught fish and seafood for lovers.

As the destination has already gained fame as a wedding resort, the locals will happily light candles for you and provide live music, making the time you spend on the island genuinely unforgettable. And if you and your soulmate get tired of the silence and measured rest, then you can get to the cities of Brazil, where noisy carnivals and every day is a holiday can access in the quickest possible time.



The Greek resort of Santorini has long become a household name when it comes to weddings. Moreover, unlike its rated neighbors, Santorini invites lovers to spend a honeymoon here and the exact procedure of the marriage itself. The success of this tourist destination is because the local authorities have made a lot of efforts to make this place a paradise for newlyweds: stunning landscapes, comfortable hotels, the level of organization of the special ceremony and the quality of service – everything is at the highest level.

Due to the frenzied popularity of this destination, we advise you to book the date of the ceremony 3-5 months in advance, as well as decide on the format of the celebration: it can be a banquet hall for a large number of guests, or it can be a cozy, quiet sandy beach surrounded by vineyards – it all depends on your preferences. By the way, an interesting fact: a representative of the mayor’s office is permanently appointed to host the wedding ceremony, who, at the end of the procedure, issues a special marriage certificate in a Greek resort.

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